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Sylvester Stallone – All Time Favorite Actor

Sylvester Stallone – All Time Favorite Actor: The world might not believe that the person who was struggling in finding roles in Hollywood, is now turned into one of the most legendary actors in Hollywood. Sylvester Stallone is the most recognized, well known and popular actor in the cinematic universe. Apart from the magnificent acting, he is also a screenwriter, director, producer and also a good human being. From famous boxer Rocky Balboa to War Vietnam War Veteran John Rambo, Sylvester Stallone has reprises his every single reel life roles and made them his own trademark. This 73 years old Hollywood Actor has made his own identity with his hard-working, strong believe and of-course his strong family support.

Quick Facts:

Name: Sylvester Stallone
Nick Name: Sly Stallone
Birthday: July 6, 1946 (73 Years)
Nationality: American
Sun Sign: Cancer
Born In: New York, New York, US
Profession: Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Height: 5’10”


The real name of Sylvester Stallone is Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone. He was born on July 6, 1946, to Frank Stallone & Jacqueline Stallone in New York City. He was a difficult childhood. And he and his siblings, both were affected by their parents’ hostile relationship. Their parent’s relationship ended in divorce. After that, Sylvester spent his earlier years in foster care. In 1951, Stallone moved to Washington DC with his father. His father had a beauty parlor chain business. Sylvester had a very rough and hard childhood as he struggled emotionally and academically. After a couple of years, Sylvester stayed with his mother and her second husband in Philadelphia. There he completed his graduation. He was a dream to work in drama since childhood. And so, he attended the American College of Switzerland and the University of Miami to focus on drama. He had decided to shifted to New York during his graduation to pursue an acting career.

Family & Personal Life:

Sylvester Stallone Married to Sasha Czack in 1974. He has two sons, Sage & Seth with her. After a decade of a successful relationship with her, both the couple divorced and lived separately. On December 15, 1985, he married his second wife Brigitte Nielsen. But their relationship did not last long. After two years, both had divorced and separated. Sylvester was married to Jennifer Flavin in 1997. He has three daughters Sophia, Sistine & Scarlet with her. In the ups & downs of his life, he got his full family support. He had also suffered from serious injuries during his shoot. Despite the injuries, he received so many Honorary Awards, Academy Awards, Golden Icon Award & Lifetime Achievement award during his whole career.

In his 73 years of lifetime, Sylvester Stallone has achieved so many goals and still doing his best to entertain his fan followings. He had never given up during his bad times. He is the best example of a great personality. In Hollywood, Sylvester has earned great respect from his fellow Co-actors. The journey of Sylvester from reel life to real life is full of struggles, emotions, sacrifice and hard work. His life is the best example for the people and we should not back down during our hard times. From “Rocky” to “Rambo”, Sylvester Stallone has created a separate benchmark in Hollywood Film Industry as a legendary action hero.