Tattoos Keep Touching Memories Alive


Tattoos are meant to be permanent, right? The ink seeps into the skin, making it impossible to wash away years later. That’s what makes them so beautiful, but it also means that for many people they are just a collection of memories. People want their tattoos to not just give them the attention they seek, but also serve as a reminder that they will never forget or lose touch with someone or something in their life. Here is a list of some of the most touching and effective tattoos in recent memory. These could serve as an inspiration for your new tattoo.

The Initials That Suit The Tuxedo

Having initials as tattoos can be seen at the base of the neck. It’s the perfect accessory to one’s tuxedo, because not only does it keep the initials close to heart, but it allows the person to wear or even touch the tux now and then. It is very appropriate for someone with an acting profession.

The winning Tattoo That Can Make Your Bond Stronger


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In most cases, the husband and wife both have the same tattoo done in the same place. It doesn’t matter whose finger marks are touching the other, because they can both feel it when they touch each other. They know that no matter how much time passes, they will always be thinking about each other.

Tattoos That Tell The World “I’m Coming Home”- A Family Tattoo

A family tattoo can be the best option for you because your tattoos continue to grow with time. The words etched into your skin are thought-provoking and touching. Anytime you look into it, you feel at home within you.

The White Tiger’s Paw

Tiger’s loving paw print is a beautiful representation of a family member who passed away. The black ink represents the mourning, while the white represents the joy in knowing that the departed is smiling down on you from heaven. This type of tattoo can make you think of your loved one as a part of yourself, and continue to think of them often even though they are gone.

Tattoo of a Love Massage

This form of tattoo depicts the words that anyone who has it on their body believes they are saying: “I love you so much, and I will always be with you.” The ink on his flesh can’t really help but tell her the truth how she feels and why.

A Ring Inside A Heart

The ring inside a heart speaks volumes about how much a person loves his family and is grateful for their constant unconditional love for him, even though he can’t always return it as quickly as they would like him to. But it can remind one of how much the family can be a great cost to them.

Never Forgotten Tattoo

It’s painful to lose a companion and the joy of your life. Without the person you care about, your life appears to be coming apart. It’s reasonable that folks don’t like to be reminded of their loss on a daily basis. However, during one’s journey through the grief process and acceptance that life moves on, a partner remembrance tattoo can be extremely essential and necessary.


Getting a memorial tattoo is an emotional experience. Memorial tattoos are created to honour and remember a loved one or someone dear to you who has passed away. Being with someone you love and care about cannot be substituted or replaced with a tattoo. A tattoo is not just permanent ink on your body; it is also a reminder of memories. The memories that you might want to cherish your whole lifetime. Again, as mentioned, it is the reason behind these tattoos that makes you fall in love with them forever.