The amazing Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas is probably the best Spanish goalkeeper in the history of the game. Many squads are available at – your best bet among sites, including those where Casillas spent his career on. These squads were:

  • Real Madrid;
  • FC Porto;
  • and of course, the Spanish National side.

Casillas quickly proved that he was no ordinary goalkeeper. When he was promoted to the first team, he first served as a substitute keeper to César Sánchez. However, the injuries that Sánchez suffered gave the then young Casillas a chance to start and shine. You can make your best bet on Real Madrid on 1xBet, which also has all the other teams of the Spanish La Liga.

A month that forever changed Casillas’ career

The merits of Iker Casillas shouldn’t be dismissed. He became a Real Madrid and Spanish legend because of his incredible talent by keeping the goal. You can visit 1xBet – make a live bet now on all the great squads that are featured at the Spanish La Liga.

It is fair to say that within one month, Casillas’ career changed forever. First, we need to travel back to the 15th of May 2002. This day saw Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen playing the final match of the 2001-02 UEFA Champions League. Back then, the starting goalkeeper in the team was César Sánchez, and Casillas was named as substitute keeper.

However, during the second half, César got injured, and Casillas entered the field. This match was eventually won by Real Madrid 2-1. The goals were scored by Raúl, Zidane and Lúcio. It should be noted that Zidane and Casillas played greatly. It is possible to make a live bet now on 1xBet on all the Champions League matches.

At that time, then coach of the Spanish National side José Antonio Camacho was creating his list of players for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Casillas was not considered for the competition. However, a freak injury suffered by Santiago Cañizares, who was supposed to be the starting goalkeeper for the team, gave Casillas the opportunity. Not only that, because surprisingly, Camacho allowed Casillas to be the starting keeper in the competition.

An amazing career

After the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Casillas became the undisputed starting keeper for both Real Madrid and Spain. You can go to 1xBet – try online football betting on these two teams.

With Real Madrid, Casillas won many trophies. With the national squad he also won incredible trophies. They include the 2008 and 2012 Euros. However, the ultimate reward for this legend was the 2010 FIFA World Cup. You can try online football betting on 1xBet on all the Euros and FIFA World Cups.

In 2015, Casillas signed for FC Porto. Unfortunately, a heart attack suffered in 2020 forced him to retire.