The Benefits Of Marketing Automation For Small Business

Many small business owners struggle with launching impactful marketing campaigns. If you’re such a business owner, you need to consider marketing automation.

This article will explore how technology can boost your marketing efforts and ways of implementing it in your small business. Various financing options are available, like startup business loans if you need support to invest in marketing automation.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to the use of technology to take over the implementation of repetitive marketing tasks. 

Automation of manual tasks includes scheduling social media posting and content creation, automating email marketing, and programming ad launch.

With marketing automation, your small business can streamline its marketing initiatives by allowing for timely and consistent delivery of personalized marketing information to the right audiences. 

Main Advantages Of Implementing Marketing Automation

1. Improved Output

Automation leads to faster production than human-driven marketing activities that are labor-intensive and slow.

Leverage technology to scale your marketing reach to global markets. By employing the same technology that bigger competitors use, you can move your business to the next level.  

2. Lower Marketing Costs

Marketing automation lowers the need for expensive human labor. Besides, it eliminates costly human errors in marketing.

For instance, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing initiatives with an impressive Marketing ROI (Return-On-Investment). 

3. Superior Customer Experience

The convenience of responding to customer inquiries in time creates a positive impression on customers. 

Additionally, you can simultaneously respond y to multiple queries through chatbots and other software that can hold intelligent conversations. Customers don’t have to wait in a queue for the next available sales agent to handle their requests. 

4. Availability Round The Clock

Adopting marketing automation means your business is accessible to clients round the clock. Your marketing campaign is active and responsive to clients outside of your business hours. 

With a global audience, you need to be available to the client when they want to shop, not when your doors are open for business.

How To Set Up A Marketing Automation System For Your Small Business

1. Draw A Budget 

Before plunging into automation, be clear about the costs. There’s the cost of equipment, employee training, renovation of premises, and the re-engineering of processes in the business. 

If you need assistance with the budget, consider exploring startup business loans. 

2. Single Out The Most Appropriate Areas For Automation

Train your guns on those marketing tasks that are repetitive and would gain the most from automation. 

Such low-hanging fruits may vary from business to business but often include automating responses to customer emails. 

Identifying key areas ripe for automation enables the business to realize the benefits of automation almost instantaneously. 

3. Pick Out The Most Suitable Automation Tools

The high proliferation of marketing automation software can be overwhelming to the average small business owner. It shouldn’t.

Comb through online reviews with a bias for tools that have been customized for your industry. Test tools that are available for free before making long-term investments. 

Consulting with peers to see what works best for them is also an excellent option.

Lastly, your budget will determine what your business can purchase. Remember to explore such financing options as startup business loans if needed. 

4. Employee Training 

Marketing automation is a big plus to any small business that implements it well. However, you need to train the relevant staff to realize the benefits of embracing technology in your organization. 

Training helps to reduce resistance to a new system at the workplace. When staff members are sensitized to the benefits of implementing the new system, they’ll likely embrace it.

Explain the roles of various employees in implementing the introduced automated system. 

5. Optimize The New System

Once you’ve implemented the new system, take the time to conduct periodic reviews to evaluate its effectiveness. Fine-tune the system to align with your business goals optimally. By so doing, you’ll realize the most from your investment. 

Types Of Tasks That Can Be Automated Through Marketing Automation

  1. Email marketing
  2. Content creation
  3. Social media engagement
  4. Website SEO optimization
  5. Responding to customer queries (by the use of chatbots and virtual assistants)


Propel your business today by embracing proven marketing tactics working for multiple small business owners across the world. Marketing automation can be immensely beneficial to your small business. To kickstart your preferred marketing automation solution, reach out to lenders for available financing options such as startup business loans.