The Best 6 Numbers for Keno

Anyone who has participated in lotteries has likely played keno at one point in their lives. It often can be enjoyed at nationwide draws and modern casinos. Yes, the winning chances at both are not terrific, but the potential prizes in play are alluring, and in that lies the appeal of this game. Online keno is also an option, as are keno draws happening at charitable events, with gameplay whose roots date back to two millennia.

For those wondering about the odds in play here, the probability of hitting the jackpot-like mega prize produced by landing twenty out of twenty positions selected is one in 3.5 quintillions. That means the likelihood of fulfilling this dream, seeing this number combo on a winning 20/20 card, is slim to none.

Enchanted by the random nature of this gambling pick, most gamblers go for the moon, praying that Lady Luck is on their side in this endeavor. To accomplish this, they turn to lucky numbers, figures that statistics, folklore, and quasi-science to guide them to big wins. An explanation regarding the most chosen ones below gets analyzed.   


Scientifically speaking, there is no such thing as a number that is luckier than others. At least, a figure that has gotten empirically proven as one.

Benford’s law, also known as the law of anomalous numbers, or the first-digit rule, is a principle that shows that on a scale of one to nine, the distribution of one is around 30%. That makes it the most occurring number of this bunch, with a rate of close to one-third. If the digit distribution were uniform, it would occur at around 11.1%, but that is not the case.

The concept of one as the most occurring number gets named after physicist Frank Benford, who first wrote about this in his paper – The Law of Anomalous Numbers, published in 1938. It was mentioned by Simon Newcomb, a Canadian-American also in 1881, a mathematician/astronomer, and Zipf’s law. The latter gets named after George Kingsley Zipf, an American linguist who formulated a similar concept concerning quantitative linguistics.


There is no reasonable logic behind why the number seven gets regarded as lucky. It draws its pop culture power from ancient myths and folklore. For example, in many teachings, the concept of the seventh son of the seventh son exists, making him a gifted healer, a person born with special powers.

Seven also has biblical significance, used as the seven deadly sins, the seven virtues. Seven Heavens get talked about in Judaism and Islam, with Muslims having to walk around the Kaaba seven times before going to Mecca. In Confucianism, the number seven represents harmony. And in Hinduism, there are seven underworlds. The list of religious mentions of seven is immense.


Above, a short description of how to play keno for real money was presented. The Powerbowl, one of the most famous American lotteries, available in forty-five states, features similar gameplay. Gamblers select five numbers from a selection from one to sixty-nine and hope for the best. The game is a progressive draw, meaning the winning pot grows until someone takes home the mega prize.

Going by an analysis of recent Powerball draws, the number that most appeared in these is eighteen. If eighteen most shows up in one random lottery, why wouldn’t it pop up in keno games, as the selection process here is also entirely up to chance?


The occult study of the mystical and how it relates to numbers is called numerology, also known as arithmancy. It often gets associated with astrology, the paranormal, and other divinatory arts, classified as a quasi-science.

In numerology, thirty-three gets considered one of the three master numbers and the one boasting the highest significance, as it is the sum of the previous two, eleven, and twenty-two. It boasts an extra-strength presence in the cosmos.


Forty is a number that often appears in Judaism. It is the number of years in the desert, the years of the reign of David and Solomon, the number of curses of Adam, the minimum age a man could join the Sanhedrin, and more. 

It often gets utilized in the Hebrew Bible for periods that divide two specific epochs. For instance, Upon Noah climbing on his arc (Genesis 7:4), it rained for forty days and forty nights.


Players interested in hot keno numbers, the five to ten figures that have most hit in the last one hundred draws in games organized by their state lotteries, can look these up at such entities’ websites.

When trying to aggregate what number most shows up in these and video keno draws, some gaming enthusiasts noticed that seventy-four pops up with a significant degree of regularity, so it has become a pick favored by many keno lovers. 

This article was written in collaboration with online slot experts.