The Definitive Guide to Personalised Promotions

What do most people think when you hear the word “personalization”? How about the subject line with your name? Or Facebook ads targeting you based on items you put in your cart but didn’t buy?

This makes a small part of what personalization is. The concept is much more complex: it uses data to determine what your customer wants and needs. Moreover, personalization is what gives your customers a truly unforgettable experience with your brand.

The question remains: how can you use personalized promotions to boost your business and increase overall efficiency?

Let’s define the basics and cover some effective personalization techniques you can implement today. 

What is personalization?

Personalization is a path of exploring the customer’s interests and behavior with the help of AI and different automation algorithms. Additionally, you can consider direct interviews, focus groups, and other options outside what the digital world offers. 

Most customers appreciate the special treatment. It makes them feel valued, respected and heard by the brand. On the flip side, companies can easily create a loyal customer base and increase sales in the long term. 

Implementing personalized promotions in your strategy

Personalized promotions can be delivered as personalized discounts or custom coupons. They are a part of the promotion, but knowing where and how to offer them is essential. 

Here are some strategies to build a better-personalized promotion.

1. Target a specific audience 

Depending on your business’s products or services, you can create various segments and focus on them one by one. Different groups of customers have other wants and needs, behaviors, and expectations from your company. And, as you separate them into groups and create personalized offers for each, it becomes easier for you to carry out promotions successfully. 

Moreover, make sure to learn about your chosen target audience in detail. By defining common specific interests, goals, and vision, you can customize your promotional offers better and make them feel special. 

2. Choose the right time 

Besides the audience, it’s also essential to figure out the best time of sending your promotional offers. For example, if it’s the Christmas season, you can make a discount on sweaters, candles, and other similar products on your eCommerce store. Moreover, you can get more personal by keeping up with special days like birthdays and anniversaries. This will help create a stronger bond with your customers. 

Recently, many businesses have also focused on smaller occasions such as Pancake Day or International Friendship Day. While you may think this is not of great importance, it’s a fun and clever way of reminding your customers about your brand. In the meantime, you’ll be able to promote your products and services. 

3. Don’t forget about special discounts and coupons

Personalization can’t go successful without discounts and coupons. That’s because people simply love getting sweet deals that save them money, effort, or time. 

As part of a more individual approach, special discounts make your customers feel appreciated, remembered, and valued by your brand. There are many coupons and deals, including flash sales, giveaways, “Buy one, get one free,” etc. The key part is to discover the proper one that your audience is looking for and present it. For example, if you have some new products in stock that your customers were waiting for, consider a “New Arrivals Sale!” for the loyal ones. This technique will show that you haven’t forgotten about them and care enough to make a discount unique for them. 


Any business can create a generic offer or coupons for its customers, but it does not change their perception of your brand or make them loyal. 

On the flip side, personalized promotions are a way of rewarding and converting your customers and a way to find out what they like, explore more products for them, and get feedback from customers who are not converting for a long time.