The highest paid poker players

Poker is one of the most popular games for those who prefer to play at the casino not on gamstop. After all, it’s an extremely addictive game that can easily captivate many. However, poker is not just a great pastime; it’s also a really good way to make money. Professionals are able to earn millions from their hobby. In this article you will find out who they are – the richest players.

Top richest players

Dan Bilzerian

Dan is currently the richest player, with an income of $200 million. He achieved notable success back in 2009, but the most successful year for him was 2014 – that’s when he earned his maximum. A special feature of his game is that Bilzerian prefers to play at exceptionally high stakes. Of course, Dan is a professional of his craft, but his charisma also contributes greatly to winning. The man is so charismatic that he has even acted in films – his filmography includes such films as The Other Woman, The Great Equalizer and Salvation.

Phil Ivey

Second place belongs to Phil Ivey with his hundred million dollars. His introduction to poker began at the age of eight – a relative began teaching him the game of Seven Card Stud. Over time, the children’s pastime has grown into a serious hobby, to which Phil has devoted his life. At the age of 16, Phil began playing professionally in Atlantic City. As he was underage at the time, he had to use a fake ID. Success didn’t come to him right away – Ivey lost a lot, but he never thought of leaving the casino. For that, he was nicknamed Homeless Jerome. His first win came in 1998 – the player managed to earn a thousand dollars. After that, the fortune turned to Phil – he was able to accumulate a fairly large bankroll. 2002 was the year of his triumph – Phil won three championship bracelets. In 2005 he won his first million, and between 2006 and 2008 Phil made $4 million. In 2010, the man won the title of “Best Player of the Decade”.

Sam Farha

His earnings are just as good as the previous player – Sam also has $100 million. Farha is originally from Beirut, Lebanon, but he has achieved success in America. He started his poker career with small stakes. But when success came to the player, his stakes started to increase. His first big success happened in 2010 – then Sam earned $488,000. He finished second in the World Series of Poker main event in 2013. He also has three WSOP bracelets to his name.

Chris FergusonĀ 

Chris Ferguson’s interest in poker also began fairly early – he started playing card games in the fourth grade when he was ten years old. His father introduced him to gambling. Starting in 1994, Chris started to take part in tournaments held in California. Chris’s success finally came in 2000 when he won two WSOP bracelets for $1.5 million. In 2005 and 2006, Fergusen was runner up in the one man event championship. And in 2008, he came in first place in the same championship. An interesting fact – this player has a very distinctive appearance, thanks to which he earned the nickname “Jesus”.

Doyle BrunsonĀ 

Doyle Brunson can certainly be called a poker veteran. The man has been involved in poker for decades – he’s been playing for sixty years. Brunson’s success came in 1976 when he beat Jess Alta, one of the strongest players at the time. A year later, Doyle repeated his success – he beat Gary Berland, another powerful poker player. He used a deuce and a ten to win, a combination he has called the ‘Brunson Hand’ ever since. Ten WSOP bracelets and an honorary membership of the Poker Hall of Fame are on his way to becoming Big Papa (Brunson’s nickname). He is now 89 and battling a long battle with cancer but he still plays what he loves – nothing can seem to stop him.

Of course, this is not the whole list of famous personalities in the world of poker. Throughout the history of the game there have been many serious and amusing moments, new stars have lit up and famous falls, millions of dollars have been made, and every last penny has been instantly lost. Crazy bets and bizarre combinations that unexpectedly turned out to be winning – there are many bright moments and equally bright personalities in the history of poker.