The Most Advanced Features of Soda PDF You Should Know About

There’s no escaping the fact, when it comes to transferring files on the web, PDF format occurs as the first thought in everyone’s minds. Especially when important information has to be shared with various people on the web, business owners need to look for a format that can ensure maximum safety and security. Luckily, this is when people slant towards soda PDF because it is the most viable tool in today’s world. Regardless of what the inside content of a file is, it will enable everyone to make sure they can transfer files without any hesitation. In this feature, we will shed light on a few incredible features of the sods PDF files that are lesser-known to the public:


Simply put, collecting virtual signatures has just gotten easier than ever. Through the e-sign feature, you are allowed to choose documents, choose signs and register the signature field as well. Once you’re done with all this, you can forward your signatures virtually to the people who have to sign them. Furthermore, you also get to track the progress of a document once it has been sent from your end. Anytime an unwanted user tries to open the SODAPDF file, you will be notified about it.


OCR, which stands for optical character recognition, is chanted as the most advanced feature in PDF files. It enables the users to transform scanned documents into editable PDF files. This means, if you have a document that is full of images, through OCR, you will quickly be able to convert it into a document that is easily transferable without any distortion. It is the perfect feature for digitizing paper documents and creating a workflow that is free from any sort of paperwork. No wonder. OCR has emerged as a unique selling point of the soda PDF files because earlier, nobody was even informed about it.


You can protect your PDF files through a password. With a soda PDF file, you can restrict access to a document or even restrain its actions quickly. This means you can even assume control over the extraction of the pages in a document and also edit the contents inside. You also limit the users from adding media such as pictures, audio, hyperlinks, and other stuff. On the contrary, if a document is already flooded with all this, you also get to limit the access capabilities in no time.

Chose as Default PDF Application

If you want to make the most out of your PDF documents, a soda PDF ensures that you achieve this goal. So no matter how difficult a task is, soda PDF will always be here to help. So whether you want to read, write, edit or convert the text in a file, soda PDF has got all the amazing features for you. In the professional world, soda PDF is being acknowledged as the best tool due to its enormous benefits. Now, it is much easier than ever to use a soda PDF file and edit all the documents you have.