The Most Effective Types of Content Marketing for SMB

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) benefit greatly from diversifying their advertising efforts. Creating a more diverse array of advertising content means utilizing tools such as an online video editor or perhaps even a studio. After you create or identify templates that are easy to customize, you can keep up your new marketing efforts more effectively.

So, which types of content should small and mid-sized business owners lean on to boost their business? The selection is vast, but certain types of content work better than others.

In this article, we’ll highlight the different forms of online content that can prove most helpful to businesses. Give them a try and see the great results they generate for your business. 


Choose your preferred online video editor now because you’ll be using it for marketing often. The video absolutely has to be a part of your content marketing strategy.

No matter the size of your business, it will be able to benefit from video.

To understand just how important video is, consider your media consumption habits for a moment. How much of your time online do you spend consuming video content? Chances are that watching videos takes up a significant amount of your time online.

Video is everywhere too. It isn’t confined to dedicated platforms like YouTube. You’ll also find it while browsing social media and different kinds of websites.

Content creators know how compelling video is and they do not shy away from wielding its power. As a business owner, you need to use that strategy as well.

Pick an online video editor and start working on your online playlist. Create videos of varying lengths and themes so you can showcase your business in different ways. Post the videos on your website and share them on social media to maximize engagement.

You cannot miss out on the value provided by video. Use a video maker today and work on crafting attention-grabbing ads for your business. 

Blog Posts 

Blog posts are helpful to small and mid-size business owners in different ways.

First off, blog posts are useful because they allow business owners to talk at length about topics they know. You can use blog posts to better establish yourself as an authoritative voice in your chosen industry.

You should also use blog posts because of how they impact traffic. Add backlinks to your blog posts. Use them to point people in the direction of your website. Enjoy more business thanks to that increase in traffic.

Also, remember to use blog posts to boost your other pieces of marketing content. Feature your online video editor creations along with your blog posts to effectively increase the visibility of both. 

Email Newsletters 

Since you’re already writing blog posts, you may be wondering why you should still bother with email newsletters. It’s a fair question to ask, but there is also a good answer for it.

You see, email newsletters appear in front of your target customers in a way unlike other forms of content do. People don’t need to seek out email newsletters. The newsletter will be there in their inbox when they open it at the start of their workday.

Thanks to that, the chances of your content being seen increase significantly. Once you build up a large subscriber base, your content will be seen regularly even if people don’t always visit your website.

Email newsletters also give you a chance to present your offerings more concisely. You can offer your customers a good overview of your products quickly and that will help increase your sales. 


Infographics excel at presenting data in a very interesting manner. The smart and elaborate ways in which the data are presented can make a real impression on readers. The statistics they’re reading are more likely to stick in their mind because of that.

Another advantage of using infographics for marketing is how they appeal to people with varied interests. You’ve probably seen them quite often and that’s because they tend to get shared on social media.

Take full advantage of that when you create infographics of your own. Include links to your website or your online video editor creations when you share your new creations on social media. Note that people can learn more about the topics by following the links and the engagement of your content will benefit from that. 

Customer Reviews 

You don’t always have to be the one who creates the pieces of marketing content. The pieces of content supplied by your customers can also prove helpful from a marketing standpoint.

The pieces of content we’re talking about here are customer reviews. Customer reviews provide value because they serve as unbiased assessments of your offerings.

Having someone who isn’t linked to your business provide glowing reviews of your products and services instantly improves your credibility. More shoppers will take a keener interest in what you’re selling once they hear others rave about it.

Shoppers can check out the relevant reviews for products they’re interested in and see what previous buyers have to say. Make those reviews accessible to all your customers so you can maximize their benefits.

Video reviews can be effective for marketing purposes too. Use an online video editor to create compilations of those reviews so your target shoppers can view them with greater ease.

Let your customers speak for the quality of your offerings and watch your sales increase as a result. 


Last up, we also recommend using podcasts to boost your small or mid-sized business.

Podcasts are great for marketing because they allow you to discuss your products and services at length. You can touch on a variety of topics related to your products and services throughout the podcast and even field some questions from your customers.

The portability of podcasts is yet another reason why you should consider using them for marketing.

People can listen to podcasts whenever they’re driving or commuting to work. That means your advertising efforts can continue even if your target consumers are not in front of their computer or looking at their phone’s screen. 

Parting Words

Use your podcasts to inform and entertain your target consumers. They will be thankful for the content you provide and they may even engage further with your business because of that. 

Diverse content marketing efforts are hugely beneficial to small and mid-sized businesses. Use the examples of content we highlighted here and watch them yield great returns for your marketing campaign.