The most popular comfortable sofas have these things in common

Thanks to everyone spending a year at home, the number one thing people want from their furniture is comfort. Everyone wants a comfortable sofa that they can stretch out on, nap on, watch TV and hang out with friends, and still be suitable for entertaining colleagues or bosses. Your couch fulfills a lot of these needs, so it is important to find one that is suitably comfortable.

But finding a comfortable sofa might not be as easy as you think. The following guide will help you pick the most comfortable sofa for your living room.

Carefully consider seat height

Seat height is perhaps the most important measurement of comfort. If your seat height is too tall, shorter people may have difficulty sitting at all, much less comfortably. On the other hand, if your seat height is too low, it will be harder for taller people to lounge and rise comfortably. In addition, if you have someone in your household (or a frequent visitor) that has arthritis, joint issues, or needs mobility aids, a couch that is too low can be impossible to rise from for these individuals.

Overall, the average seat height on couches is 14 to 23 inches. While some experts say your couch should sit lower the deeper the seats, there may be situations like those mentioned above in which the lower seats would not be a benefit. If you want most people to be comfortable, shoot for a seat height of around 18 to 20 inches.

Decide on seat depth

For the most part, couches don’t have incredibly deep cushions. If you choose a sectional or modular sofa the seats will be deeper than the average sofa. Yet, again, you might consider a taller seat if you have household members that are tall or disabled. 

A deep seat is great if you want to stretch out for a nap or cuddle with your significant other, but it doesn’t offer much back support, something that is sorely needed if you will be sitting for long periods on the sofa. Try to find something in the middle.

Types of cushions and upholstery

The most common cushion interiors are made of polyurethane foam. Foam that is denser will offer a firm seat, important for those with back or joint issues. Foam that is softer will be better for snuggling in for a nap, but if you choose cushions that are too soft they will break down much faster. A happy medium based on your needs and preferences is important. You may also have options such as high-resilient foam that is both soft and durable.

Finding the most comfortable sofa for you

There are several places online or off that you can search for the perfect couch. In fact, the internet has given us so many options that some people become overwhelmed and fail to order a sofa at all. But there are a few ways to search for a comfy sofa. If you want truly vintage or antique sofas, you need to search junk shops, flea markets, and antique malls or auctions. But if you want a durable, more affordable option you can find new furniture with designs based on the era of your choice. By shopping online you’ll be able to find comfortable sofas that fit with your interior design style. Shop it here.