The Most Unusual Sports from Around the World

You’ve all heard of popular sports like soccer, football, basketball, and baseball but has extreme ironing or wife carrying ever crossed your path before? Yes, these sports exist, and yes, they provide some serious entertainment value. 

Some of the sports we’re going to list below are so odd; you wouldn’t have even thought something so strange could have ever existed. 

Look up our suggestions on google if you don’t believe us. All of these sports have leagues and fans that take it all very seriously. You would never have bet that some of these sports even existed, but that’s what makes them so fun! 

Shin Kicking

Sounds like something two bickering siblings might get into right? With shin-kicking, the name says it all. Opponents must grapple and fight toe to toe until one cowers and eventually gives in, falling to the floor in pain and defeat. 

This sport was founded in England and had its world championship held every year at the Cotswold Olympic Games with thousands of spectators from around the globe. 

Weird but satisfying unlike wife carrying which is just odd.

Wife Carrying

Who wouldn’t want to wear their significant other as a piggyback in the hope of winning a keg of beer? Forget couples therapy; wife carrying is an ultra-competitive sport that requires couples to work together to outrun the competition. 

The women must straddle themselves upside down with their legs hanging over their husbands’ shoulders and their faces positioned perfectly at the rear while wrapping their arms around their husbands’ waist. 

Did we mention that you stand a chance of winning your wife’s weight in beer should you succeed? 

Street Luge

Here’s one sport that many will have come across as it has world wide appeal. This sport has taken social media by storm with the countless number of fail videos it produces for YouTube. 

Racers lay flat on their retro-fitted skateboards and bomb down paved roads as spectators stand at the sidelines. We will expect anyone taking part in this sport to wear the appropriate gear while doing so. 

Leather abrasion suits and gloves are mandatory and will help competitors avoid road rash. Racing helmets are a must for safety, along with thick-soled shoes worn to protect the racer’s feet when braking. 


Unlike the other sports mentioned, Buzkashi was not invented after a  day at the local bar. Despite being equally strange to the other events mentioned on the list, this sport is the national sport of Afghanistan. 

To win, competitors must grab a headless mid-size animal (usually a calf, goat, or sheep) and ride around a pre-set obstacle course before returning the carcass to the circle. If it didn’t sound gruesome enough, the hundreds of horseback riders circling the racers trying to steal the corpse would surely do it for you. 

Bed Racing 

Who knew being lazy could become a sport? Yet another sport to be born in the British countryside, bed racing involves multiple teams of six and their custom bed-like vehicles. Taking place in Knaresborough, teams must push an elected athlete through a course while lying down. 

According to that year’s theme, the modified beds must travel on four wheels, float, and be decorated by the bed racer in a way that celebrates the story. 

To an outsider, it may sound like good clean fun, but anyone taking part in it will soon tell you that this 3k amphibious race is not for the faint-hearted. 

Cheese Rolling

A lactose-intolerant person’s nightmare, this sport requires genuine love for dairy. Some may see parallels between this sport and Buzkashi, albeit less gruesome and bloody. 

Throw cheese down a hill and get the competitors to chase after it. The first person to successfully get the cheese across the finish line wins. It sounds crazy because it’s a recipe for indigestion.


Yes, this funfair activity is a real sport. Think hamster ball but much bigger and inflatable. Zorbing is all about racing your competitors to the finish line while you pretend you’re a hamster. 

There are other versions of this sport where players have free movement of their legs while encapsulating their upper bodies in an inflatable ball. This version has players try to play a regular soccer game without falling over and getting stuck with their feet in the air. 

Extreme Ironing 

The one you’ve all been waiting for, it’s extreme ironing. Who thought turning this chore into a competitive sport would be such a hit. Competitors must have some skill in ironing but are also required to be quite flexible about where they do it. 

Popular locations for these competitions include 10 000 ft in the air or while attached to the back of a speed boat, going top speeds. Try ironing a pleated skirt while you’re going 80 mph. 

Anything can be turned into a sport, especially if you’re adventurous and not put off by unusual activities. While some choices might not be so PC, others are all about having fun and pushing your limits.