The pros and cons of following a social media tipster

As sports betting in the United States continues to create headlines worldwide, a steady stream of new bettors arrives. People put off by the thought of walking into a sportsbook or casino to wager on the NFL, NBA, and other popular sports now have an alternative. They can make predictions and place bets from the comfort of their home or on the move using a desktop computer or smartphone.

The leading bookmakers, including Betonline, offer all new players a welcome bonus free bet. It works as an incentive to encourage even more sports fans to try online betting. Create an account at any leading bookie, make your first deposit, and place a bet to receive the welcome bonus. It allows you to try betting without posing a significant risk to your funds. Free and risk-free bet promotions make gambling more appealing to less experienced players.

Following a tipster

When you have registered your account and claimed your free bet, it’s time to put it to good use. But how do you pick a winner when betting on horse racing or professional sports? There are several approaches, including studying the stats and trends. But an increasing number of bettors are opting to follow the advice of a social media tipster. But does it work, and can these tipsters be trusted?

Even if you’re not big on sports betting, you would’ve noticed the type of accounts we’re talking about here. Profiles linked to betting on social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, where you’ll find betting predictions, advice on where to find the best odds, and the promotions you should look out for when gambling. They post a list of winning bets, and it may seem like they have the golden touch, but what’s the truth? 

Can online tipsters be trusted to guide you toward a betting profit? Keep reading to learn more as we explain how tipsters operate on socials, how to spot fraud, and where you might find helpful picks worth backing. By the end of this page, you’ll know the most important pros and cons of online betting. 

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Pros of following a social media tipster

Some great tipsters are available on social media for a few reasons. That’s where you’ll often find the best of the young, up-and-coming experts who want to gain a following to help boost their career progression. 

These accounts work hard to find you winners and get their names noticed by significant publications that may offer employment. You may also find a few established tipsters from horse racing and sports betting who, near the end of their careers, want to help people find winners. There are few of these types of tipsters around today, but they do exist and are worth discovering.

Here are five positives associated with following a social media sports betting tipster.

  • Follow tips for free
  • Easily accessible advice
  • Discuss what went right/wrong with the tipster
  • Get the latest predictions as soon as they’re published
  • All sports are covered, from horse racing to soccer

Cons of following a social media tipster

Social media tipsters have a terrible reputation in the gambling industry. It’s due to the shoddy and untrustworthy work done by hundreds of Facebook tipsters in the past. The people who posted a few winners before they started charging for tips then found out how important consistency is in this game. They then disappeared sharply.

Some great tipsters are online, but you shouldn’t believe everything you read. Many are out to make a quick buck by scamming people, especially around major sporting events like the Kentucky Derby. Knowing how to spot a genuine tipster from a fraudulent account is essential.

Here are three ways to spot a rogue social media tipster. If an account ticks any boxes, we advise staying clear.

  • Charges a subscription for tips
  • Claims to have information on a ‘fixed’ match
  • They have just received a call from a stable connection
  • Asks you to place bets on their behalf
  • Wants a percentage of your winnings

A good alternative

If you want to bet on sports but avoid the hassle of finding and following a tipster, you can do the work yourself. The more research you do and the information you have about a fixture, the more likely you are to back a winner.