The Ultimate Guide on How to Give a Challenge Coin

A good challenge coin should represent some kind of purpose or occasion with its unique appearance. For some people, this means crafting a coin that reminds them of time spent in service for the betterment of society. Challenge coins are well known for being a part of military culture, in different capacities. 

Sometimes challenge coins are crafted and shared between a group of soldiers as mementos to solidify the bonds they have forged while in service together. Coins can also be created for an individual  and carried as a conversation starter. It’s one way to break the ice between strangers who might happen to share similar interests or connections to the past. 

The tradition of crafting coins remains a niche market. Meanwhile, craftsmanship in the field continues to grow and yield more stunning pieces everyday.

In some cases, challenge coins are considered collectable. There are challenge and custom coins for police officers, firefighters, and retired members of the military. 

Certain organizations and clubs use coins to mark occasions like the passing of a year without having a drink or relapse while overcoming addiction. No matter the occasion or reason involved, custom coins can be crafted to help someone feel better, about the circumstances in their life. 

Custom coins can be created and kept safely away to be presented to worthy individuals at a future date.

Some custom coins are crafted with a traditional style passed down from one generation to the next. Other coins are more contemporary and have their own unique designs.. It’s really a matter of personal choice. No matter which style you decide to go with, there are a few basic decisions to get the process started.

The first thing to decide on is the size and shape of your coin. The most common shape for a coin is round of course, but you’re not limited to that shape. A good coin provider can craft coins in virtually any shape you want.

Let your imagination run free when you’re designing your coins. For example, you can create alternating images on each side to represent the personal ties between members of a super close-knit group? 

Other coin options  can give a custom coin truly personalized style such as whether to add a nickel plating or rings around the edges. These choices are just the tip of the iceberg. Any reputable coin purveyor can guide you through the process to create the perfect coins for your specific needs.

For example, you can choose what kind of material color and finish goes best with the design. Maybe the color on your coin can be arranged to represent a natural scene such as the snow capped mountains of the Rockies.

 If you choose to use color for your coin, the provider will add enamel paint to the die struck design of your coin, filling in each color individually. You might want to make your coin stand out with a 3D mold as well, which gives your design additional detail and adds a rich look.

Precise images and colors are not the only way to make your custom coin unique. Don’t underestimate the power of words or numbers on one or both sides. Numbers can represent a special date, or hold a specific meaning known only to those receiving the coins.. 

To protect your design, the coin supplier can add an epoxy coating to keep it smooth and shielded from the elements for years to come. 

What kind of border do you want for your coin? There are all kinds to choose from ranging rope-cut to reeded edge. Ultimately, these decisions should come from the heart. That’s the best way to have a custom coin crafted. Are you having trouble making these decisions on your own? Let the good people at challengecoins4less help with all the details.