The Woman’s Guide to the Perfect Gym Shirt

Fitness has numerous health benefits for all women, regardless of what season it is or what climate we’re in. More than just keeping our weight under control, regular exercise also keeps our hearts strong and our lungs healthy. Exercise improves our muscle tone and flexibility. It can also help with anxiety and stress. A great way to stick to a fitness regimen, even on a cold morning, is to be prepared with the right gear. How can we decide whether a top is a good match for our body and the exercise we love? Have you thought about why you like your favorite tops?

Long Sleeve Shirts or Short Sleeve

The first step is to determine whether you prefer short- or long-sleeved tops. It’s going to be a little warmer in a long sleeved shirt for women, but make sure that you feel comfortable in it before hitting your work out. Think about where you typically exercise at. Are you lucky enough to live next to a nice park? Or, do you have a great indoor space? A short sleeve shirt may be more appropriate for women who tend to exercise indoors.

Style and Cut

Next, you have to choose the style and cut of your ideal fitness shirt. Do you prefer to wear a shirt on the loose side of style, or a shirt that feels closely tailored to your body? The shirt fit spectrum ranges from form-fitting to loose and breezy. It’s important to tailor your shirt cut to suit the type of exercise you do and what you feel confident wearing. Some brands offer both “loose” and “fitted” options. As an aside, take a moment to consider other aspects like the cut of the collar and sleeves, as well.

Fabric and Materials

The fabric of your shirt will also play an important role. Shirts made from breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics may be more suitable for strenuous activities. If you are going to do a lot of bending, stretching, and movement, pick a shirt that is made from a stretchy fabric. Many of the new fabrics on the market can become see-through when wet, so a light underlayer is recommended.

Price and Quality

You can find a number of tops in different price points, some of which are of better quality than others. Investing in longer-term, high-quality items is as valid a strategy as purchasing inexpensive shirts frequently. Think about how long you want your shirt to last—do you prefer to stay on trend, or will you be pleased with a mainstay classic? Quality items may have small details that turn them into a new favorite. For instance, they may feature thumbholes to keep comfortable long sleeves in place, or contrast stitching.

Now that you have all this info, it’s time to choose the right shirt for your workout! You may simply prefer a plain old t-shirt, or you may be on the lookout for that perfect, comfortable long sleeve shirt for women. The important thing is to get out there and move. You will look and feel great as long as you find what works for you!