Steps On Air Duct Cleaning

You can do air duct cleaning by yourself to improve the quality of your home. Cleaning the air ducts by yourself helps you save money and time you could have spent with contractors. Cleaning the air ducts is an important part of home hygiene, just as it is with cleaning any other surfaces in your home. You can always learn how to clean your air ducts, so you do not necessarily have to get an expert.

However, you may never match the level of a professional duct cleaner, you get the advantage of doing it on your own schedule. Everyone can clean their air ducts with the proper guidance and the courage to do it. The following are some simple steps on air duct cleaning Toronto to help homeowners do it themselves.

1. Assess The Air Ducts 

Every home has different types of air ducts, or they may be unique in the way of installation. It is the role of the homeowner to understand the air ducts in their home and how they can be assessed.

Some air ducts are beneath the floorboards, while others are overhead. The positioning and configuration of the air ducts affect how to go about the cleaning process. However, the cleaning process is generally the same as long as it is the air ducts in question.

It is common to encounter spaces that you cannot reach in your ductwork. This does not mean that you leave these spaces unattended. You should find out how you can access these points, and if you need equipment, then get it before you start the air duct cleaning process.

You should note that if you feel that your air ducts are hard to access for cleaning, there is no harm in seeking professionals to help with the process.

2. Gathering Supplies And Equipment

To avoid running up and down during the cleaning process, ensure you have everything you need to be assembled. Assembling the supplies and equipment saves you the trouble of leaving the air ducts open for longer than they should be.

Leaving the air ducts open for too long is a risk of flushing the rest of your home with all kinds of contaminants. The equipment you will need for the duct cleaning process includes the furnace filter that is used to replace the filter when you are done with the cleaning.

Another important piece of equipment is a vacuum cleaner. There are vacuum cleaners set for cleaning the air ducts, but if you do not have access to that you can use the normal home vacuum cleaner. The important thing is understanding how to use the vacuum cleaner effectively for good results.

You will also need a brush to get rid of stubborn stains that the vacuum cleaner cannot handle. You can always consult a cleaning expert on what you will need for the process.

Most companies that specialize in air duct cleaning near me have all the specialized equipment for the job. You should consider this option if you feel the supplies and equipment you have are not enough.

3. Ensure You Cover The Intake Vents

These are the vents located on the floor that are the central supply of air in the room. It is important to cover these vents when cleaning the air ducts to avoid pushing contaminants from one room to the other.

Leaving the vents uncovered will have you achieving very less from the cleaning process, and no one wants to waste their energy and time doing the same thing over and over again.

4. Remember To Run The Fun

Once you are done cleaning the ducts, you should let the fun run for at least thirty minutes. This will help flush out any dust particles that could have been left out on the HVAC system. It also gives the opportunity to determine whether the system is back to a normal state. 

A dirty or clogged HVAC is likely to produce some weird noises. This is because it works extra hard to offer normal convenience.

5. Check The Filters

Air duct cleaning near me takes cleaning more parts than just the air ducts. The filter also affects the quality of air in your home and should therefore be replaced after cleaning.