Tobacco vs. Marijuana: Pros and Cons

Tobacco use and cannabis consumption are perhaps the top two addictions worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, almost 150 million people or 2.5 percent of the population are cannabis users. It is even more common in the United States. Recent research indicates that 18 percent of Americans have consumed marijuana at least once in their lives.

Smoking marijuana and tobacco

The effects of smoking tobacco are well known. But despite this, according to a study carried out in 2019, 1.1 billion people throughout the world smoke tobacco and many of them suffer from its negative health effects, such as lung damage and even death.

Tobacco vs. marijuana – which is more harmful to health? And what are the marijuana vs. tobacco statistics telling us? Are there at all any benefits of consuming them? Many people who take them are convinced that especially marijuana offers some benefits too.

Here, we will look deeply into smoking marijuana and tobacco and compare their pros and cons.

Smoking Marijuana

The popularity of cannabis or marijuana has ebbed and flowed over time. Most countries and many US states outlawed its use in the early 1900s. For a pot smoker, it was thus difficult to inhale weed. However, there has been an upsurge since the late 1960s. It gradually became mainstream as many young adults started to smoke weed. Many would smoke weed every day.

Cannabis club in Barcelona, Spain

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Since 2007, there has been a steady increase every year, which clearly indicates that it is becoming popular. Many states in the US have legalized both recreational and medical use of marijuana. You will find it easily in the cafes in Amsterdam. Getting marijuana in Barcelona is also easy, which means it has become easier to find and use it. Whether it is a club in Barcelona or a café in Amsterdam, you will find people using devices, vaporizing marijuana, buying hemp cigarettes, and consuming cannabis products even though many trusted sources have pointed out its effects.

Many countries have already legalized its use like Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Czechia, Jamaica, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, and Belize. In Spain, you have to join a cannabis club in Barcelona to get it legally. Uruguay allows recreational use of weed. You will find it in pharmacies.

  • Benefits of Smoking Weed – Is weed good for you? For many years, the medical fraternity has been telling us about its negative health effects. In recent years, a few research studies have shown that the effects of marijuana can sometimes be positive. For example, it may provide relief from chronic pain and according to a study published in the Clinical Psychology Review marijuana may also be able to treat mental illness symptoms.

Other researchers are convinced that it can be useful for treating leprosy, hemorrhoids, asthma, urinary infections, and schizophrenia. There is some evidence that shows that its medical use can prevent organ rejection in patients who have gone for a kidney transplant.

However, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is yet to approve any product made from botanical marijuana. The only exception is Cannabidiol, which is a substance present in cannabis. In June 2018, it was approved for treating some types of epilepsy.

  • Side Effects – The negative effects of weed are well known. Vaping weed can affect your mental health. It can make you feel afraid, panicked, cause anxiety, and even lead to paranoia. In worst cases, it can cause clinical depression. Marijuana can also cloud your judgment and senses, depending on the potency of the weed. It is also known to irritate and inflame the lungs. Some reports also suggest that cannabis can lead to an increased risk of testicular cancer.

Smoking Tobacco

Cigarette is a billion-dollar industry globally. It is prepared from nicotine, which is a stimulant that can increase the level of dopamine in your brain. Increased dopamine provides a feeling of pleasure and many people also feel a perceived increase in their energy level.

Smoking cigarettes


The use of tobacco like alcohol is restricted primarily based on age, but it is still readily available. Smoking cigarettes has been a part of our social culture for a long time, which is one key reason behind its popularity. More cigarettes are being sold today than ever before even though we know that they can cause lung cancer.

  • Benefits of Smoking Tobacco – Are there any positive effects of smoking tobacco? Cigarette smoke may have an ‘anti-estrogenic effect as women smokers show fewer symptoms of estrogen deficiency, which can have a substantial impact on gynecological disorders.

Case-controlled studies have also revealed a positive association between Parkinson’s disease and smoking. Some researchers are also of the opinion that smoking can reduce the risk of ulcerative colitis where the inner lining of the rectum and colon gets inflamed. There is also evidence to suggest that tobacco smoke may improve cognitive performance.

  • Side Effects – There are a lot more side effects compared to the health benefits of smoking. According to the American Heart Association, smoking can significantly increase the risk of heart attack and may even cause death. In the US alone, smoking kills almost 500,000 people every year, making it a leading cause of death.

Tobacco smoke contains cancer-causing chemicals that can affect the lungs badly and cause lung cancer. It can also cause low weight, asthma, emphysema, reduced immunity, dental problems, hearing loss, vision loss, low sexual arousal, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and can also lower the infant’s birth weight if the mom regularly smoked during her pregnancy.

Smoking is certainly bad for you. Marijuana is an alternative to smoking. In the past several years, researchers have found some health benefits of weed, which has given birth to the term ‘medical marijuana’. But the jury is still out there. More evidence is certainly required before the scientific and medical communities can be sure that marijuana is also good for health.