Top 10 Most Popular Health Websites

Health is the most important aspect of human life. Good health can lead up to a great and successful life while bad health can lead to a negative life. It is the responsibility of every single human being to take care of their own health and follow some guidelines to stay healthy. Here we have analyzed and shortlisted 10 most popular health websites which can help you to live a better life. Let’s have a look.

Top 10 Most Popular Health Websites in the World


1. National Institute of Health

nih logoThe National Institute of Health (NIH) is one of the most popular and largest health websites in the world. This website features a range of contents includes daily health information, training, and research programs and other important health details of different ages and categories of people.

2. KidsHealth

KidsHealth is one of the most popular and top searched kid health websites on Google. This website contains general health information about kids. Health information on this website available in different categories like advice for parents, advice for teenagers, teaching aids for educators and homework help for children.

3. WebMD

WebMD is another famous health website online having over 19 million unique visitors each month. Over 70 percent of viewers are based in America. This organization has teamed with the high street chain of chemist Boots to target UK specific regions.


drugs is the most famous, comprehensive and searched website on Google contains the valuable and correct drug information. This independent portal contains information about more than 24,000 prescribed medications. This website is suitable for both healthcare professionals and consumers.

5. Yahoo! Health

yahoo health
Receiving over 22 million views per month, Yahoo! Health is one of the most searched health websites online. It contains various information, research studies, and up-to-date health news online. The main attraction of this website is symptom checker, “Find a Doctor” tool, BMI calculator and many more.


Since 2012, stays still on the top of the Google search having more than 30 million views per month. This website contains valuable and must needed information regarding healthcare. You can also find up-to-date health news and advice to stay healthy.

7. WeightWatchers

WeightWatchers is one of the most famous health websites which contains commercial diet plans around the world. According to Alexa, users spend around an average of eight minutes on this site per day.

8. NHS Direct

Speaking of the best healthcare website, NHS Direct made his list in the Top 10 most popular health websites in the world. This website contains 24×7 advice services provided by the UK’s National Health Service. It also provides an online self-assessment service.

9. NetDoctor

NetDoctor is the UK’s leading independent health website contains various health advice and services. The vision of this website is to break down the medical language barrier between doctors and patients. More than 250 doctors and health care professionals from across Europe have written articles and information about health services and benefits.

10. MayoClinic

MayoClinic is one of the famous and largest not-for-profit medical centers present all over the world. It offers first-class patient care along with some required and valued information on its website. Its website features various advice regarding a person’s wellbeing, different research programs and many more.