Top 10 Movie Download Websites for 2020

Entertainment is now the key aspect of happiness in everyone’s life. Everyone loves movies. It may be emotional, romantic, action-packed and thrilling. All types of movies and being filmed only for the viewer’s entertainment. You will be happy if you get a movie download website. Plus, if you’ll get the movie for free, then joy will be doubled. If you will search in google for the best movie download websites, you can get millions of results. But you can’t know which is legal and which one is illegal. Her we are presenting you the top 10 movie download websites for 2020 which are completely legal. Please have a look at the list below.

Top 10 Movie Download Websites for 2020:

1. Youtube:


The biggest online video portal Youtube is at the number one website for free movie download. Playing videos online along with downloading movies is now much more reliable than any other website on Youtube.

2. The Internet Archive:

Internet Acrhive

The Internet Archive is one of the famous movie download websites which is on top of our list. It’s really a jackpot website to download free movies, music and various books.

3. Watch TCM:

Watch TCM

Watch TCM is at number three in our top 10 movie download websites for 2020 list. If you have a cable connection, you can enjoy the free streaming service of millions of movies on this channel.

4. Hotstar:


If you are looking for Indian or Hindi content, Hotstar is one of the most famous websites to download and watch movies online for free. There is a premium account option where you will have to pay annual subscription charges to enjoy the exclusive services.

5. The Korean Film Archive:

Korean Film

On Youtube, there is a hidden gem called The Koren Film Archive where you can get various Koren full movies for free. You can get more than 300 Korean movies since 1930s on that channel.

6. Retrovision:


You can visit this website to enjoy free classical movies online. This website is also suitable for watch and downloads different classical web series.

7. Crackle:


Crackle is one of the famous websites for watching and downloading free websites online. This website has been owned by Sony. You will have to do a simple sign up process and enjoy the free service.

8. Pluto TV:


Pluto TV is one of the most favorite websites to watch movies online. It contains more than 75 channels at which you can watch and download various movies in different categories.

9. MoviesFoundOnline:


MoviesFoundOnline contains so many free movies, web series, independent films to watch and download. You can also get stand-up comedy videos on this website.

10. NoBudge:


Founded by Indie filmmaker, NoBudge is the famous one-person project contains different independent short movies and feature films. It is the online gem for featured film lovers.