Top 10 Out Of The World Facts About Area 51

Area 51 is one of the most mysterious places in the world present in the United States of America. Officially it is a flight testing facility in Nevada, but no one knows what’s inside this area? Why the US Government does not allow anyone to enter this area? People say this place is the prime location of Alien sighting and secret Government studies.  Here are some facts about Area 51 which you might have known. Let’s have a look.

Top 10 Out of the World Facts About Area 51:

1.Till 2013, Area 51 was not officially acknowledged by U.S. Government. Although it was chosen for the flight testing area in 1955. Thanks to the senior fellow at National Security Archives, Jeffrey T. Richelson, the documents about this area were granted under the Freedom of information act.


2. We do not have any clue why this place is called “Area 51”. Encyclopedia Brittania says that there is uncertainty about the naming of this zone.


3. Area 51 is still expanding. It has been growing and its area has been increased between 1984 t 2016. It includes new runways and hangers. People say that Area 51 is expanding for more UFO parking spaces.

Area 51 area

4. There was a conspiracy theory about the fake moon landing on Area 51. According to Bill Kaysing, the author of We never went to the Moon, NASA officials faked the moon landing on the base of Area 51 and brainwashed the astronauts.

fake moon landing

5. The first UFO sightings were easily explained in Area 51. According to the source, Area 51 was testing U-2 planes which can fly up to 60,000 feet, fare from the spies and civilians. These projects were completely dark from US Government.


6. The employees of Area 51 might travel to work via plane. There is no such road communication in this area. According to USA Today, the employees board an unmarked aircraft at the McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas which flies to an undisclosed location.

secret plane

7. The former employees of Area 51 were sworn to secrecy about the internal work environment and projects in Area 51. They do not disclose a single thing about Area 51.

top secret

8. In the 1990s, the employees of Area 51 took the facility to court for hazardous working conditions. The lawyer and professor of George Washington University, Jonathan Turley, was approached by the workers of Area 51.


9. There is a black mailbox in Area 51 which is the best place for UFO-spotting. According to a former worker in Area 51, there is a black mailbox from where you can see the actual scheduled UFO flights.

black mailbox

10. It is impossible to sneak into Area 51 without being spotted. If anyone tries to evade the security, deadly forces are authorized to take necessary actions upon it.

area51 security'