Top 10 Ridiculous Sports In The World

Sports is one of the much-needed activity in human life to stay fit and strong. There are so many sports in the world which are popular among the people. Some people like football whereas some people are fans of cricket. Some people love basketball when some people love wrestling. But there are some ridiculous sports still present in the world. You will wonder why people play such kind of games. Well! Do you want to find out? Check out the list of Top 10 Ridiculous sports in the world below.

Top 10 Ridiculous Sports In The World:

1.Eukonkanto – Finland and Estonia


This is a traditional wife-carrying race being played in Finland and Estonia. The winner of the final competition wins his weight in beer. Here you have to win the race through obstacles while your wife will be strapped with you.

2. Buzkashi – Afghanistan and Central Asia


In Afghanistan and Central Asia Buzkashi is one of the favorite games among people. This game is quite similar to polo and being played by the headless corpse of a goat.

3. Chess Boxing – World Wide

Chess Boxing

You have heard about the chess and boxing games. Both are different from each other. But there is a game called Chess Boxing which is quite awkward to listen. In alternating rounds the first person to be checkmated or knocked out loses.

4. Pato – Argentina


This game is all about the combination of polo and basketball. It has been played with a ball that has six handles. It requires impressive riding skills.

5. Hurling – Ireland


It is a prehistoric Gaelic sport which is a part of Hockey, lacrosse, soccer. In this game, balls are hit through goals for points, and they can exceed 93 mph.

6. Jai Alai – Spain

Jai Alai

It is the Basque variation of racquetball if racquetball were on crack. The balls have reached speeds of 188 miles per hour.

7. Sepak Takraw – originally the Malay-Thai Peninsula

Sepak Takraw

This game is a volleyball-like game. In this game, the player can use only their feet, hands, chest and head. This game seems like a Kung-Fu movie than a sport.

8. Caber Toss – Scotland

Caber Toss

This is an athletic competition based on player’s ability to throw a 19 foot 6 inch and 175-pound log. The score is based on the accuracy. Not the distance.

9. Ferret Legging – England

Ferret Legging

This game is one of the most ridiculous games in the world. In this game, the ferrets are trapped in your pants. You have to withstand their biting for as long as possible. Oh! Come on!

10. The Summer Redneck Games – USA

The Summer Redneck Games

It is a southern variation of the Olympics. These series of games include toilet seat throwing, the cigarette flip, and dumpster diving.