Top 10 Technologically Advanced Countries In the World

Most of the countries in the world have been shattered during World War II. Some of them stood still when some of them merge with other counties. Now in 2020, technology has been advanced thanks to science. Now, the human beings can go to the moon and Mars. Thousands of satellites and being launched every year by most of the advanced counties in the world. The world economy has now changed due to the pandemic situation but it will revolve again. With the help of technology, many countries have won World Wars, Cold Wars, and other natural disasters. Here we are presenting the top 10 technologically advanced counties in the world. Explore the counties and comment your views in the comment section below.

Top 10 Technologically Advanced Counties In The World:

Here is the list of Top 10 technologically advanced counties in the world. Please have a loot at them.

10. Singapore

country 1

9. Russia

country 2

8. Canada

country 3

7. Sweden

country 4

6. United Kingdom

country 5

5. Germany

country 6

4. Israel

Dome of Rock

3. South Korea

country 8

2. United States of America

country 9


country 10