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Top 5 Sports Streaming Platforms For Fans Outside Canada

Canada has a rich sporting heritage, and there is a huge fan base for different popular sports. The spring season in Canada brings a thrilling round of events from the sports world, with both the NBA and the NHL advancing to the exciting playoffs and the MLB season getting ready to get the ball rolling.

As a sports fan, you will find plenty of exciting sporting action to watch in Canada. Luckily, many different sports streaming platforms will keep feeding you the Live coverage of your much-awaited sports event.

TSN Direct, DAZN, and Sportsnet NOW are some of the popular subscription-based platforms that offer Live sports streaming of international and local sports in Canada. Sadly, the content offered on these platforms is geo-restricted, however, we have a fix for that! For example, to watch your favourite sports on TSN outside Canada, you will require a VPN app.

Spring is the perfect season if you want to sign up for a sports streaming service. With so much happening around the sports world and people turning to online streaming services, there are a lot of deals, discounts, and free trials up for grabs.

Let’s discuss what are the top 5 sports streaming services for sports fans outside Canada.

Top 5 Canadian Sports Streaming Services

Sportsnet NOW

Subscription Package(s):

SN Now: Costs CAD$19.99/month or CAD$12.50/month with the 12-month subscription plan.

SN NOW+: Costs CAD$9.99 for a weekly pass, CAD$27.99/month, or CAD$20.83/month with the 12-month subscription plan.

Sportsnet NOW is the streaming wing of Canada’s most popular sports specialty TV network, Sportsnet. It is an all-in-one channel and offers Live coverage of the NHL season, CHL, MLB, NBA, WWE, Curling, and several other sports events.

They offer a slew of various pricing plans, so you have plenty of options to choose from depending on your requirements. Sportsnet NOW airs all the action from 3 out of 4 major leagues, including MLB, NBA, and NHL. However, it lacks American football (NHL), and that’s a big deal breaker for many people.

However, you can watch WWE events, Rugby games, and 2 women’s leagues; FA Women’s Super League and WNBA.

TSN Direct

Subscription Package(s): Costs CAD$7.99 for a daily pass, CAD$19.99/month, or CAD$99.95 upfront for a 6-month plan.

TSN Direct is an online streaming platform from TSN, one of Canada’s biggest sports channels. It offers on-demand and live content, including live scores, news, updates, and highlights. It will also provide Live commentary for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

TSN mostly covers national and regional sports with its five feeds – TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, and TSN5. Moreover, you also get to watch matches from the NBA, Major League Soccer, Curling Canada, UFC, Formula 1, Tennis, international hockey, and NASCAR. 

The good thing about TSN is that you can get a day pass to watch a specific game you can’t afford to miss. No long-term commitments are required here. TSN Direct is a content-rich platform and definitely worth giving a try.


Subscription Package(s): CAD$20/month or CAD$150/year.

DAZN is another wonderful sports streaming platform that provides coverage of a wide variety of sports. It can be the most affordable option of the lot if you buy its one-year plan. One thing that you must keep in mind before subscribing is that it doesn’t offer NHL. So DAZN might not be a good option for you if you are a hockey enthusiast.

DAZN is the Canadian operator for the NFL Game Pass. You can stream NFL matches from 2013 onward. Other than the NFL coverage, DAZN also provides Live coverage of the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Boxing, UFC, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, and Darts.

That’s a lot of stuff to watch. Interestingly, you can watch it all free with a 30-day free trial with the monthly and yearly subscription plans.

NBA League Pass ‍

Subscription Package(s): CAD$29.99/month (League Pass), or CAD$36.99/month (League & Premium Pass)

Even though anyone can watch the NBA’s game highlights when they are available on YouTube, but, who only wants to watch only the highlights if you are getting something even better, a full game in its glory? The NBA League Pass will allow you to watch the games from the season 2012-13 and later ones. 

For the club’s fans, this is a great way to relive that glorious period again when your team won. But obviously, this time, you will be a little more prepared than the first time watching these. 


Subscription Package(s): Costs US$24.99/offseason package, or US$59.99/year for everything 

If you are a big baseball fan and want to have it at your fingertips, you may give a shot at MLB.TV! The platform lets you stream the on-demand games till from the 2018 season, which is an acceptable way to refresh all your baseball knowledge again, and you can have a detailed discussion on the topic of MLB history!

Also, since the March of 2020, MLB.TV announced that the fans could stream the 2018 and 2019 games for free. You can simply visit the MLB website, log in or make a new account and start streaming.


Sports streaming platforms are convenient and affordable mediums to catch up with all the Live action, latest news, scores, and talk shows. In fact, most Canadian sports enthusiasts prefer OTT sports streaming services. We have explored the top 5 sports streaming services that you can try out for your preferred sporting events. Hopefully, that’ll help!