Top Lockdown Gift Ideas Ever!

Even though the quarantine in the USA is almost over, we will still be living in the pandemic and post pandemic world for some time. That’s why it’s truly important to learn what kind of gifts are trendy these days. Fortunately, giftscoach is here to share the coolest social distancing gift ideas ever!

Work from Home Gift Ideas

Nowadays, so many people have to work from home. If your giftee is among them, you’d better think how you can improve their work from home routine with your thoughtful gifts. Basically, these kinds of gifts should contribute to work productivity as well as convenience. 

To begin with, think of your giftee’s workplace and how healthy it is. You might know it yourself how terribly the neck aches after you’ve been sitting the whole day long. So, the best solution you can offer to your giftee is to give an adjustable table that can be used while sitting as well as standing. It’s very useful for the back in fact. So, your giftee will be so very grateful for such an amazingly thoughtful gift.

Another worthy category of gift ideas is surely electronics. Think of the gadgets that may help to improve working experience. These may include a high-quality keyboard or a cool mouse. It’s also a good gift idea to give top notch headphones. In such a way, not only your giftee will enjoy high quality sound and good music while working, but also their homies will be really grateful to you for such a thoughtful gift!

Sport at Home Gift Ideas

The lifestyle of many people has completely changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, it can be really frustrating to be left without their beloved gym. If your giftee is among them, it’s high time to help them have their own mini gym at home. Even if your giftee isn’t really into sport, there’s an amazing opportunity to encourage him or her to go for it. In fact, it can really help to boost the immune system, which is highly crucial during the pandemic.

In case you’ve decided to go for sporty gift ideas, there are different categories to consider:

  • sport machines (e.g., treadmills, bikes, rowing machines, etc.);
  • sport simulators (e.g., workout platforms, mini striders, foldable rowing machines, mini steppers, shoulder pulleys, mini bikes etc.);
  • sport equipment (e.g., exercising balls, rollers, push up stands, dumbbells, adjustable kettlebells etc.).

If your giftee is rather lazybones, the perfect picks would be special massage tables or adjustable desks with a mini bike or other stuff. Such a gift is an amazing way to keep fit without any efforts. And it’s precisely what your giftee needs! 

Lockdown Entertainment Gifts Ideas

Even if your giftee isn’t really into sport nor is currently working from home, there’s still another cool category of lockdown gift ideas – entertainment gifts. Indeed, during quarantine, so many people lack ideas on how to spend their leisure. Isn’t your giftee among them? Good news is that giftscoach can teach you how you can help by giving a really thoughtful gift. 

Are your giftee bored as hell because of quarantine and isolation? There’s surely a cool way to fix that. Just think of what they might find entertaining so that they can simply kill time during the lockdown. Depending on the age, gender, and interests of your giftee, there are lots of cool options to consider. For instance, males mostly of all ages will be really happy to get some f. Think of a gaming console if they don’t have it yet. That’s the high time to introduce your giftee to the computer gaming world. If he’s already in, think of the recent games he hasn’t tried yet. Such a gift will surely keep him busy and entertained for many days, so it’s definitely a worthy quarantine gift. It’s also worth thinking about books if your giftee is a bookworm. There are lots of cool bestsellers on Kindle to choose from.

Moreover, among really cool entertainment gifts, giftscoach singles out board games. This present is really cool if your giftee has people around to play with. Check out below the top board games that giftscoach recommends to give to the isolated.