Top Performances from the Best Music Artists

In the digital era, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment options. We have information on top entertainment spots, things to do during our leisure time, and much more.

You can play poker and popular slots from the comfort of your home through a quick Play Croco casino login. With the metaverse technology growing, music fans will attend concerts from where they are and interact with their favorite artists.

If you have a profound love for music and are awed by the talent popular artists display, here are some performances from top artists that will leave you awe-inspired and give you the feel of a real concert.

Michael Jackson Live at Grammy’s 1988

No matter how often you watch Michael Jackson perform, you can never get enough of him. He had his own brand and genre of music and dance. He was the only performer of his time with a style so appealing that no one else had, things that earned Michael Jackson the title “The King of Pop.”

The most incredible bit about it was how great a performer he was despite his shy personality. “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Man in the Mirror” were the night’s highlights.

The performance was perfection from an authentic and talented legend that dedicated himself to a lot of practice so that he would show his fans the best of him.

The audience enjoyed one of his best signature moves; the simple foot tap with one hand in the pocket and the other snapping. His fully unbuttoned shirt also provided the perfect cape for the great spins, which the crowd severally went crazy about.

His boys also did not disappoint in dancing. Only Michael and his boys can handle over 30 seconds of dance amid performance without saying a word. This was just a drop in the ocean of what made the performance captivating.

The vocals from Michael and the backup singers were also smooth and just as perfect as the recording he did in the studio. His performance and message were powerful, and watching the recording made you relive the show again. The confidence on stage is certainly something to admire and a feature of every mind-blowing performance.

Little Richard – Long Tall Sally

Little Richard’s Long Tall Saly performance is one of the most celebrated rock and roll performances. Little Richard boomed in the fifties rock and roll scenes thanks to his dynamic music and the charismatic showmanship he exhibited in the days.

The performance remained in the audience’s memory then, and those who have had the privilege to come across the recorded performance.

Long Tall Sally was an extraordinary performance that started with Little Richard’s signature smile. The performance kicked off with a high tone, and the band patently met the audience’s expectations. Everyone from the saxophonists and drummers to the dancers was in their element, which wowed the audience and kept them entertained throughout the performance.

The performance started with the remarkable “Long Tall Sally.” After an eccentric and engaging performance, “Tutti Frutti” was introduced, gracing the audience with the powerful and distinctive rhythm and beat; the crowd exploded to the dance performance that came with it.

The performance featured the unique rock and roll raspy shouted vocals, pounding backbeats, and frenetic piano playing that sent the room into a frenzy. Using his charm and charisma, Little Richard was able to bring the audience on board; they sang and danced from the beginning to the very end of the performance.

His wails, screams, croons, thunderous piano, and action-packed performance made the audience delirious. The audience was thrilled by Little Richard’s visceral rhythms and unrestrained performances from him and his band and were left yearning for more.

The performance was impressive, and the reception from the audience was affirmative.

Stevie Wonder- I Wish / Isn’t She Lovely

Stevie Wonder is known for the best soul and jazz performances, and the “I Wish/Isn’t She Lovely” live performance in London is one of his legendary performances. The song was so rich and deep that it made the audience warm to it.

Anyone who could attend the performance or who has come across the show was lucky to see the legend perform.

The performance was pure music, and of course, with Stevie Wonder’s usual commentary. The instruments also had their share part in shaping the performance. Worth mentioning also is that. Stanley Randolph, the most demanded drummer, was in the set and adorned the performance with his blazing chops and quick hands.

The horn blasts in the back were also noteworthy about the performance, which was the most significant aspect of the show’s jazz factor. The lyrics and harmonica bit of the show was also breathtaking.

Stevie Wonder’s vocals were at their optimum as he sang the song while hitting the keys perfectly. Well, this was expected as Stevie Wonder has always been known to be a perfectionist in music. The converts within the performance were also perfectly executed.

The backup singers also sounded terrific and played an instrumental role in allowing Stevie Wonder to perform the main vocals in a different and fantastic pitch. The performance was amazing and crowd-pleasing. The performance was outstanding, from the vocalists, guitarists, keyboardists, and synthesizers to the pianos.


Michael Jackson, Little Richard, and Stevie Wonder earned their place in the music scene due to their immense talent and love for their fans. Their shows are among the best of all time and the most memorable. Luckily for you, you can relive them.

Navigate to your preferred streaming service and look up the performances above among others and treat yourself to an entertaining and thrilling few hours.