Top Screen Recorder – iFun Screen Recorder – Why Choose It?

There are a lot of situations that you need a screen recorder to record your PC screen such as video conference recording, movie recording, music recording, online course recording, self-made tutorials recording, and game Recording. iFun Screen Recorder as a free screen recorder is one of the best choices that deserves a try. It can record your video and audio on your PC separately.

Features of iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is a multi-functional tool, which gives smooth screen recording, basic video editing, and convenient sharing to popular online video platforms.  Besides, if you do not want to download this program, IObit also gives you an option of online screen recorder. Here are the main features iFun Screen Recorder.

Unlimited Time Recording

You can record your video and take unlimited time of your video. Your recording can be of one hour or more than that. It will take unlimited time and give free hand duration to its customers.  

Remove/ Edit Watermark

It allows to record with/without a watermark as per your needs. To protect your videos from being copied, iFun Screen Recorder allows you to edit and customize your own watermark to your videos. But this feature is only for Pro users.

Record Video and Audio Separately

iFun Screen recorder gives you feature of recording audio with video as well. You can select Record Screen or Record audio in the main screen as per your needs. E.g: You can choose Record audio when you need to record music. It gives complete range of recording full screen of your video. It saves your video safely in a gallery. 

Facecam Recording

It also gives you function of facecam recording. You can also record your face in a video which is very amazing.  It is cool to record webcam when record gameplay or record video conference.

Scheduled Recording

The latest iFun Screen Recorder has Recording Schedule that allows you to automatically start and end recording at a scheduled time. It is quite helpful to record online classes or lectures or movies and you do not need to wait to end the recording.

Top Screen Recorder Windows 10

You can easily use this Screen Reorder on window 10.It is one of the best choices for those people who wants to make tutorials and videos. They can share this content through different social media networks after recorded videos by iFun Screen Recorder. This article will help these people who need a tool to record videos and share with others. 

Other Functions

iFun Screen recorder easily saves video. It saves your video in your private space which makes it different from other apps. It also gives you different tools to edit your video. It also You can record screen and later on give the option of editing your video. You can also transfer your videos according to your need on different devices. You can manually transfer by using different resources. 

How to Use iFun Screen Recorder

iFun Screen Recorder is very easy to use. You have already studied its amazing features. Like its features it is not complicated to use. You can enjoy its functions while using it. 

Download iFun Screen Recorder. You can set the area of recording. You can record which is coming to your screen. You can use any format and also get the option of editing your video. Save your video in your selected folder. 


iFun Screen Recorder is consider to be the best screen recorder. It provides you different functions to use. These all functions make it different from other apps. You can easily download it and use it on your all kind of devices.