Types Of Lawyers And Why You Need Them

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Even though lawyers are known for handling legal issues, you must understand that not all attorneys practice in the same areas.

For instance, criminal attorneys are there to defend your side in a trial because it’s their specialization, which makes them competent to either get you out of jail or reduce your sentence.

The following are also the professionals you should approach for other matters:

Bankruptcy attorney

In contrast to popular beliefs, bankruptcy is a standard issue. So if you’re someone who’s facing a financial dilemma and you’re starting to contemplate filing for bankruptcy, then we suggest consulting first with a bankruptcy lawyer.

They’ll be the ones who would assist you in the proceedings and give you advice on your eligibility for bankruptcy depending on your current circumstances, along with offering you potential alternatives.

Moreover, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District California shared in their annual report that debtors who the lawyers represented were ten times more likely to have successful results compared to those people who represented themselves.

Additionally, bankruptcy lawyers have expertise in identifying debts that are possible to be discharged and which kind of bankruptcy you should file to remove them.

One example of this would be using the grounds of statute of limitations for collection to eliminate the debts. Hence, you’ll be able to complete your bankruptcy obligations without having to worry about lingering debts.

Tax attorney

There’s no denying that filing taxes is both confusing and a struggle. What’s more, we typically have to do most of them on our own.

Hiring a credible tax lawyer prevents you from getting in trouble with the IRS. Since you’ll have legal guidance by your side, you could have the opportunity to resolve any tax problems that you may have had in the past.

Doing so would allow you to enjoy certain benefits like having fewer tax penalties and finding a more affordable IRS payment plan.

Other than this, a reliable tax attorney would help you settle some tax reliefs. Don’t forget that the government includes taxes in everything, whether it’s your bank account, property, or wages.

If you don’t welcome the idea of hiring an expert into your case, we hope that you know that you’re compromising your financial security. So give yourself a break by letting someone more knowledgeable about the matter handle it for your sake.

Contract attorney

In general, contract lawyers are unheard of. However, these types of attorneys have a professional understanding of the technicalities and legalities of contracts.

They are often consulted with inquiries related to handling legal agreements or issues arising from specific contracts.

As their client, you would have to submit any contract that you’ve been offered to your lawyer and have them review its terms and conditions.

By seeking their expertise, you’ll be able to enjoy the privilege of preventing contract disputes in the future. This is because your lawyer would be explaining the contents of your contract to provide clarity to both parties.

Not only that, but they would also have to verify if the said contract could be legally enforced and it abides with the state laws. As a result, they could find any liability issues and resolve them by offering legal suggestions.

Laws and regulations are continuously going through revisions, so we might as well hire someone who’s able to keep up with the legal system. In this way, we’ll be able to keep our peace of mind.