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Virtual Phone Number Registration and Verification

Virtual numbers for SMS are needed not only for those who want to create a virtual identity on the Internet. Try sms activation to see how effective this service is in protecting your personal information. By hiding your permanent phone number during verification and registration, they protect you not only from annoying advertising spam but also from cunning scammers who know many schemes for extracting money using subscribers’ personal information.

Why You Should Hide Your Phone Number When Registering

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with indicating your phone number when registering on social networks or websites. However, this is only true if you register on reliable sites that strictly adhere to the privacy policy. There are many cases where the disclosure of a personal phone number leads to a whole series of problems:

  • Some websites intentionally ask users to register so that their marketers could subsequently send out SMS with product offers.
  • Fraudulent websites may create an attractive interface with promising content, but require a prior subscription to continue reading. They cannot be distinguished from respectable Internet resources until they begin to use the personal information of subscribers for their own dishonest purposes.

It is difficult for a modern person to resist not going for interesting information. But is it worth it to risk the disclosure of your personal data? Of course not, when you can be verified using a virtual phone SMS just for 1 cent.

Where Can I Find Virtual SMS Numbers?

To get the opportunity to buy virtual number SMS use the services of Onlinesim at any time convenient for you. Depending on how often you register on Internet websites, you can choose one of the tariff plans:

  • disposable numbers, costing from 1 cent for registration on one site
  • long-term rental with a monthly fee from $2 per day

How the Registration Occurs with Virtual Numbers

  • Create an online account on the Onlinesim platform. You will receive an online number code from those websites where registration will take place
  • To obtain SMS, replenish your account with the required amount
  • Select the country in your account, the phone number of which you need for registration
  • Specify the website where the registration will take place
  • You will be offered a virtual number that only you can use in accordance with the tariff plan
  • Copy the number and specify it in the registration form of the website or social network you are interested in
  • An SMS with a code will be sent to your account on Onlinesim. Open the letter, copy the code and complete the verification

Virtual Phones of Which Countries Are Available for Registration?

The list of countries whose virtual phone numbers you can use is constantly expanding. Today, on the Onlinesim platform you can find the numbers of local operators from:

  • 79 countries for disposable phone numbers for receiving SMS
  • 27 countries for using a virtual number on a rental basis from one day or more

Lists of countries with codes are available on the Onlinesim website. Come in and choose those telephone operators that you need for a particular registration.

You will highly appreciate the possibility of passing verification using a virtual number of another country. This is useful especially in those cases where services are not provided for residents of your region, and registration with your telephone operator on the website is basically impossible. By using the country codes for which you are allowed to pass the verification process, you will feel like you have a magic wand that disenchants all websites.

What Are the Security Guarantees for Using Virtual Numbers?

Onlinesim has an extensive database of virtual numbers, which consists of tens of millions. Each user is provided with a sms virtual phone number on an individual basis. Therefore, you can be sure that the phone with which you registered on the website, in a social network or application, can not be used by anyone else for this particular site.

Using virtual numbers for registration is a very modern and advanced approach to protecting your personal data. When all information, including financial information, is tied to a personal phone number, there must be some kind of barrier that reliably protects someone from strangers. Virtual numbers for receiving SMS from Onlinesim have become the perfect shield that will help you out in any situation.