Ways To Increase Your Sperm Count

There are things you can do to boost your sperm count and increase the chances of you two producing your child. Fertility tests for males can help to diagnose any potential problems with sperm count and motility.

Increase your own sperm count naturally by following these steps:

1- Eat healthy, nutrient-packed foods

After a long day of playing with their children, moms may find themselves hungry for something more substantial later in the evening. In order to conceive, both mom and dad need nutrition. The nutritional requirements of prospective parents are numerous, and many are quite specific. Dads-to-be require vitamins C and E, zinc, and folic acid,

Walnuts (fruits and vegetables), which are high in antioxidants, have also been found to improve sperm quality. Furthermore, vitamin C, D, E, zinc, selenium, folic acid, and adequate omega-3 fatty acids deficiencies may affect sperm development and quality.

2- Reduce stress

Stress can impair sperm production (not to mention make sex a lot less pleasurable — or perhaps non-existent), so support your guy to relax.

Make sure he gets enough sleep and activity on a daily basis (but not ultra-marathons — too much exercise has been found to reduce testosterone levels and sperm quality). Try him out with some stress-relieving techniques like meditation or deep breathing -or give him a massage.

3- Turn off the heat

It’s critical for your lover to keep his nether regions cold while you’re trying to conceive. Saunas, steam rooms, long, hot baths, and hot tubs can temporarily raise a guy’s body temperature, reducing the number and quality of his sperm.

Keep your male away from the heat (and that electric blanket off-limits for now).

4- Quit smoking and drinking

Cigarette smoking and recreational drugs have been linked to decreased sperm counts. A man’s count can also be reduced by excessive drinking. Male fertility is jeopardized by the combination of these behaviours in particular.

Furthermore, male smokers have been shown to have a lower sex drive and less frequent sexual activity. Furthermore, smoking, recreational drugs and alcohol can all interfere with his performance in the bedroom.

5- Have sex regularly

Abstinence may help you grow more intimate (and sexier) with your lover, but it has no effect on your chances of getting pregnant after drunken sex.

So, if your guy has been reducing his sex (and increasing cold showers) in order to save up a large supply of sperm for when you’ll need it most (ovulation time), you should reconsider this approach.

6- Watch your weight

Obesity and overweight women may have a harder time getting pregnant than normal-weight ladies — and scientists have discovered that overweight men are more likely to experience reproductive difficulties as well.

A 20-pound weight increase in a guy may raise his infertility risk by about 10%, according to one research. Men who tip the scales too far on one end might also have issues. Having a very low body mass index (BMI) (less than 20) may reduce sperm quality and concentration. To ensure optimum baby-making potential, work together to achieve a healthy, stable weight.