Ways to Maintain Summer Tires Safety

Summer tires are made to be driven during summer, mainly for dry roads. However, the air pressure in these tires changes with the changing temperatures, which could cause serious trouble on the road. Whether you are driving a short distance from school or work, ensure you check your tire pressure before hitting the road.

The tire pressure changes are due to the friction from your tires’ rolling, turning, and braking. Besides, driving on the hot pavements due to the scorching sun with worn-out online tires Canada can lead to tire blowouts. Knowing your tire’s conditions ensures you maintain safety for your family and you. Check out these tips to stay safe when driving on summer tires. 

1. Ensure Your Tire Has The Correct Tread Depth

Tread depth is the tread of a tire, and it is essential. Enough tread ensures your vehicle has perfect handling, traction, and stopping distance when driving on wet pavements. Use the penny test method to test your tire’s tread. When you place a coin between the tread and Lincoln’s entire head is visible, it indicates worn-out tread, and you need to replace your tires. Besides, driving on worn-out tread beyond the minimum requirement could land you into trouble with traffic police, and it can also lead to accidents. 

2. Tire Inflation Pressure

On the sidewall of every tire, there are some writings that show the driver the tire size, date of manufacture and expiry, and the recommended amount of pressure. Always ensure your tire pressure is within the recommended range. Checking the tire pressure monthly will help you know when to pass by the gas station to refill. Low tire pressure decreases steering and braking control, and your car will drive at low speeds. It could also lead to faster wear of the tires and increase tire failure chances. Temperature changes also cause tire pressure changes, a reason it is advisable to check your pressure regularly. 

3. Tire Rotation

Although drivers don’t pay much attention to tire rotation, it is essential to ensure increased tread life. Tire manufacturers advise drivers to rotate their tires every 6000 miles to reduce irregular wear. Driving on unevenly worn summer tires could cause accidents due to decreased traction and balance on the road. 

Before deciding to change your car tires you need to consider several things and do some research. So you need to get reliable sources or just talk to a professional car mechanic to know all the right brands for your car. Among the most famous ones are Cooper, Firestone, Bridgestone, etc. So for more information, you can either search the auto blog or car talk guide, or for specific information read Rerev tire brand reviews where you can find all the features of tires, variety of tire sizes, and tread patterns.

4. Research

Researching and learning about summer tires helps you keep your tires in the perfect shape. You can also contact a tire manufacturer and ask questions to clarify everything. Also, when buying tires, purchase from reputable brands to get quality tires. These last longer and have better features than cheap tires that will require you to replace them soon after buying. 

Always ensure you get the correct tire size according to your vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. If you are unsure of the best online cheap summer tires your vehicle can drive in, replace them with the same tires your vehicle came with. You should also visit your mechanic often to check your tires to ensure they are in good shape. 

5. Things To Do Before Going For Summer

Going for summer trips can be exciting, but you should also be cautious. When packing, ensure you get all the essential things ready for your trip. Being fully prepared keeps all the trouble away and ensures your family has an epic time. 

Some of the essential things to ensure you pack are;

  • A cell phone and extra battery to ensure you don’t run out of power. You can also carry your power bank and ensure your devices are fully charged before leaving for the trip. 
  • First aid kit. Accidents happen unknowingly, and you should be prepared. A first aid kit comes in handy because it has everything you need to treat a wound. 
  • Non-perishable food and water because you might not find a suitable place to set up a fire. Besides, if you plan to be on the road most times, you can snack on these items to keep your body more energetic. 
  • Flashlight to enable you to see better at night. If you go to a forest, there are animals, and it will be dangerous to stay in the dark because you can be attacked. 
  • Carry a spare tire that you can change if you get a puncture while driving on the rough terrain and thorns. Your cheap summer tires should be high quality with good tread for driving on rough roads. 
  • Ensure you have hazard triangles. This helps notify oncoming drivers if you get an accident in the middle of the road. Your hazard triangles should be packed with a jack and all the other tools required to change a tire.