What are the Phases of Post-Construction Cleaning?

During construction or repair, the delivery of an object is often delayed due to the abundance of stains from paint, plaster, glue, construction debris, and dust. In addition, cleaning carried out by builders often leaves much to be desired, so the most correct decision would be to turn to professionals for services. That is why construction site cleaners are in demand not only among builders but among ordinary people who do some repairs. 

Cleaning construction sites and overhauling is a type of cleaning that is particularly intensive. Post-construction cleaning will not be able to do with dusting or wiping windows, it is necessary to cope with a large amount of debris, dust, and waste. Some factors can complicate the work of cleaners for example, a large amount of furniture in the room that interferes with cleaning, the continuation of construction work, and related to this, the inability to remove builders from the cleaning area. 

Post-Construction Cleanin Step by Step

The big difficulty after the construction of the building lies in a large amount of construction debris and persistent pollution. It will not be easy to clean up the construction site by removing dust, wiping paint off surfaces, and washing windows with water and a rag. In this situation, the usual household methods will be ineffective. Professionals with special equipment will come to the rescue.

You also need to remember the dangers of construction dust, which settles on absolutely all surfaces and cannot be removed with a simple napkin. Dust microparticles containing a lot of allergens and other harmful substances penetrate the respiratory tract. Cleaning after construction works  includes the following services:

  • Garbage removal and cleaning of the premises;
  • Getting rid of dust from furniture, other surfaces, and floors;
  • Removal of stains of any complexity;
  • Floor cleaning and floor polishing;
  • Wet cleaning, furniture cleaning inside and out;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of plumbing;
  • Full dry cleaning of furniture and surfaces;
  • Washing windows from both sides, including slopes and window sills.

Professional cleaning includes all stages, from the removal of construction debris to the disinfection of the premises. Dry cleaning is considered the most important, it is on it that the further cleaning result depends. But during wet processing, cleaning company employees will clean every centimeter of the room. 

Cleaning construction sites is one of the most time-consuming processes in the field of cleaning. Professional cleaning is not only about putting things in perfect order, but also about creating hygienic cleanliness. Special equipment will save surfaces, furniture, carpets, and floors from harmful microorganisms, while not harming the health of those living in an apartment or house.

The final cost of cleaning an apartment after repair depends on such factors as the readiness of the premises, the degree of pollution, the clutter with furniture and decor items, the height of the ceilings, the timing of the service, the number of hard-to-reach places, the total area of ​​the object.