What is a lateral filing cabinet?

There are many different filing cabinets available for businesses today. If you aren’t familiar with them all, the choices can be quite overwhelming when it’s time to outfit your office space. When it’s time to shop, you can choose from mobile, vertical, lateral, and even fireproof filing cabinets. Different types of cabinets suit different businesses and purposes, but the most popular type of filing cabinet today is the locking lateral filing cabinet. Companies and people love it because important documents or personal belongings can be safely locked away from public access.  

While the benefits of a locking file cabinet can not be understated, not everyone is familiar with the different options available. A lateral filing cabinet is by far the most popular because of its versatility, functionality, and style options. Virtually no office space is complete without at least one lateral filing cabinet available for use. So, what exactly is a lateral filing cabinet? Let’s find out. 

Furniture Shape

A locking lateral file cabinet really refers to the shape of the furniture. It is wider than it is deep and has drawers that open from the wide side. The short wide build of a lateral filing cabinet allows it to easily hold more documents of different shapes and sizes while keeping them organized. They typically have between 2 and 4 drawers that are generally 20 inches deep and 30 or more inches wide. Their shape allows them to easily hold both standard and legal-size files, even at the same time.  

Many lateral filing cabinets do come with additional options that allow them to better serve the space they accommodate. For instance, you may purchase a locking lateral filing cabinet for securing important documents and personal belongings. You may also want a rolling lateral filing cabinet that is set on wheels to move easily. No matter what other options are included, a lateral filing cabinet mainly refers to the shape of the piece.

Function Versatility

Lateral filing cabinets are extremely versatile, which is part of what makes them so incredibly popular. Their wide shape offers plenty of top surface space that can be efficiently utilized. Many people store printers and other large accessories on top of their lateral cabinets. This makes it easy and convenient to access files and other documents throughout the course of the day

These pieces also come in a range of styles and color options to suit virtually any decor. You can purchase a wood grain lateral filing cabinet made of dark or lightly colored wood to match the other furniture in your office. You can also purchase a white one as they are available in many colors. Their short stature makes the items on top easily accessible and helps hide electrical cords out of sight for a neat and tidy appearance.  

Shop for a Lateral Filing Cabinet Today

Whether you are outfitting a home office or a retail space, it won’t be complete without a lateral filing cabinet. This versatile piece is both functional and stylish. It can be easily utilized in a reception area without distracting from the décor, and it can dress up a professional meeting space. No matter what industry you operate in, a lateral filing cabinet can make your office more functional and your workday more productive. Shop for your lateral filing cabinet today.