What is Street Furniture Advertising? Discover if Its Right for You

Are you looking to advertise your product or company more cheaply? And do you have an interest in doing that advertising in a way that is incredibly unique and gives you plenty of room for creativity and humor? It’s time to look into the world of street furniture advertising.

Do you know how many kinds of street furniture advertising there are? Are you aware of all the potential advantages that it can add to your advertising plans and goals? And what are the typical cost ranges for the different kinds of street furniture advertising?

It’s time to figure it all out!

What is Street Furniture Advertising?

Have you seen those hilarious ads for different products on bus benches? What about on bike racks or electric vehicle chargers? Those are street furniture advertisements.

Essentially, street furniture advertising comprises of ads that are placed on the furniture and technology pieces that are placed in any city or town. And it’s a unique way to utilize empty spaces that aren’t otherwise being used.

They’re sort of like billboards, but with a unique twist because they have very different audiences. They’re often seen from the streets by cars and buses, but they can also be seen by public transportation commuters and the general walking public. Street furniture advertising can be seen almost anywhere.

What are the Different Types of Street Furniture Advertising?

There are many different kinds of street furniture where your ads can be placed, and even more different ways that you can use this unique and potentially quirky way of advertising.

While you can technically apply the same kinds of ads that you would put up on billboards on the city’s furniture, you can also use this opportunity to point out something that relates directly to your medium. 

What kinds of furniture can you put your ads on?

  • bus shelters
  • phone kiosks
  • bus benches
  • transit shelters
  • mailboxes
  • electric car chargers

Even the above list is not entirely comprehensive. Additionally, there are potentially even more possibilities as the world of marketing learns to be more innovative. What other kinds of furniture can serve those with advertising goals?

Again, you can play with humor and irony as you put out your messages and advertisers. Call out your commuters on a bus bench advertisement, draw attention to your environmental causes on electric car charger screens, and remind your consumer base to call their mom on phone kiosks.

What are the Advantages of Street Furniture Marketing?

There are many different benefits to street furniture advertising, both objective and subjective depending on your advertisement goals.

Less Competition

First and foremost, there is significantly less competition for attention with street furniture marketing than there is with traditional billboards. This is because people are more likely to allow billboards to be lost in the background of their peripheral vision when they’re on their regular commute. 

However, when people are stuck in traffic around street furniture their vision naturally welcomes a distraction. They aren’t psychologically prepared to tune out ads that are on benches, and hopefully they’ll even laugh at what you have to say.

Make Them Laugh

As I just said, you have a special opportunity to utilize ads that others might perceive in an automatically more positive way. That’s because there’s more flexibility in your ability to tailor the experiences potential customers might have.

Try to make a joke, even if it is softly at the audience’s expense, that references the particular medium of furniture that you’re using. Make a fake movie poster for the bus shelter, give the general public directions to your brick and mortar store, use a pun about being a bench warmer on train and bus benches, or anything else you can imagine.

 Or even if you don’t want make your audience laugh, you have much more room for general creativity and personalization to the experience you’re creating. Play with the design and make everything as quirky as you want it to be.

Targeted Audiences

Are you trying to target a specific audience in particular with your marketing campaign? Maybe you have a particular product that could help out commuters in particular. Or maybe you have a way that you can zero in on the sentimentality of your potential clients and consumers. Use it to your advantage.

It’s All Scaleable

You can generally and easily increase or decrease the amount of advertising you want to do, whether it be spread out to multiple areas or heavily concentrated in a particular neighborhood.

Scalability is especially possible even if you have a tighter budget for out-of-house marketing.

Budget Flexibility

Advertising costs always have the possibility of varying wildly, especially if you’re planning on covering areas that are in both high and low demand for advertisements.

For example, some street furniture ads can cost less than $200 for a month, while others can cost more than $5,000, according to Blue Line Media. That’s just depending on your target locations and advertising audiences.

However, just based on the ability to get a sheer large number of physical ads, this may just be what is right for you.