What is Xeomin? Is It More Natural than Botox?

Everyone looks for a way to preserve their beauty and younger looks; that’s a fact. There are plenty of rejuvenating procedures in both cosmetic and medical spheres, and it is always possible to pick the most suitable option for an individual. In this article, we would like to discuss botulinum toxin type A product, which is widely popular all over the world, – Xeomin.

What is this product, is it really able to treat muscle spasms, and is it as good as people describe? Here, you will find all the answers and even more!

Ways to Buy Xeomin Online

Even though we are talking about a safe solution, there are still side effects of Xeomin that can be dangerous to some individuals (such as trouble breathing, trouble swallowing, and so on). That means the injectable can be used only together with a doctor at a prescribed dosage, a number of sessions, and after considering some other crucial factors.

The only way to buy Xeomin online is to be a licensed specialist with demanded qualifications and enough experience to use the brand safely. If a supplier agrees to sell Botox or Xeomin to an individual without asking about their medical license number, this company is most likely a scammer and shouldn’t be the right choice to stock up on medications.

The only exception when Xeomin can be sold not to a medical expert is when a patient has a prescription from a doctor; however, it is still dangerous to use it outside of the clinic.

Xeomin Injections. What to Know About the Product?

Before digging into Xeomin characteristics and other crucial facts, let’s clear out what are its main features and explain some general information. Firstly, Xeomin is a product with botulinum toxin type A in its composition. Unlike other botulinum toxin products, it doesn’t contain any additional, unnecessary proteins, which makes it more concentrated and perfect to be used for more serious conditions. Of course, this decision can be made only after consultation with a medical professional.

The Xeomin injectable was created in 2005 by the German company Merz, but nowadays, it is widely used in different countries. The perfect results, safety, and overall success of the procedure quickly raised its popularity, so nowadays, practically every clinic offers Xeomin treatment to the customers.

Thanks to the product’s composition, it works perfectly well for skin aging prevention, as well as for various other health conditions, such as cervical dystonia or uncontrollable muscle spasms (we are going to discuss this topic in more detail later). Not to mention the excellent reputation of the product; some can disagree, but the trustworthiness of the brand is the key to success.

Target areas

The working principle of Xeomin is pretty similar to any other product with botulinum toxins in the composition: after the administration session, approximately fourteen days are required for Xeomin to start working. After that, it blocks nerve ending in the target area and, as follows, stops muscle contraction, which solves most problems when it comes to neurological disorders or the skin aging process.

In the cosmetic beauty sphere, this injectable works great to deal with these issues:

  • Deep forehead lines (severe frown lines);
  • Wrinkles between the eyes and in the eye corners;
  • Creases around the mouth;
  • Mimic wrinkles in general.

In the medical sphere, Xeomin will be a perfect solution for such conditions as chronic neck pain, chronic bladder control, lower and upper limb spasticity, cerebral palsy, and other unfortunate health issues. In order to make sure it will be effective, as well as to discuss all crucial treatment moments, the plan should be discussed with a doctor to make sure all nuances are mentioned and considered.

Is Xeomin with Botulinum Toxin Type A the Same as Botox?

Despite the same active ingredient, Botox and Xeomin have two key differences which distinguish them from one another. Here they are:

  1. Xeomin belongs to pure neurotoxins, so it consists only of botulinum type A, nothing more. The absence of additional components makes the chances of severe allergic reactions and other side effects much lower; as a result, the procedure becomes much safer even for patients with the most sensitive skin. It is crucial to make sure a person who performs the treatment is a licensed, experienced professional with a proper qualifications; this factor is vital for the overall success of the treatment;
  2. Xeomin can be stored at room temperature and in the fridge before the opening; Botox, on the other hand, is suitable only for refrigerator storage to preserve its effectiveness. Thus, Xeomin is a more comfortable option when it comes to transportation and storage in general.

So, Botox and Xeomin are pretty similar but technically are not the same. However, there is still a possibility to replace them with one another if it is demanded (but, of course, this can be done only under a doctor’s observation after all required medical examinations and tests).

To Sum Up About Xeomin

Xeomin is an injectable solution with botulinum type A in its base used for various medical and aesthetic purposes. Even though it is often confused with Botox due to the same active substance in both products, it is a more pure version of it, without any additional proteins and other particles. Xeomin can be used only by experienced medical professionals to guarantee safety and excellent results for patients. That’s it for today; thank you for tuning in!