Where Should Garden Ornaments Be Placed?

Even in your garden area, one can never have “too much.” Your home’s garden is like a place full of possibilities within reach of your comfort zone. It can be a place where you can find solace, mold ideas, and easily achieve relaxation. When built right and designed with just the perfect ornaments, your garden might just become your house’s greatest pride and joy!

To add a taste of sophistication and help achieve that mystical, magical garden vibe, nothing is more highly recommended than owning at least one garden statue that would go well with the overall theme of your space. Placing and installing figures in a garden could be accomplished in many artistic ways with many different choices. Your plain landscape of greenery can easily become a space of elegance and tranquility in just an instant. 

To help you get the right garden statue and where to place it perfectly, continue reading.

In attracting wealth and prosperity, match your water fountain with an edgy frog statue as a garden centerpiece.

If you would like your garden space to be an area of prosperity and good luck, you might want to try adding a frog garden statues to your water fountain centerpiece. It is a known fact that the frog symbol is one of the most iconic and highly worshiped in Feng Shui. A symbol that is associated with wealth and long life. 

Aside from the financial positivity it is said to attract; the frog is also considered a member of Taoism’s eight divinities. It also denotes longevity and enlightenment. So, if you have a garden located at the entrance of your house, this ornament immediately attracts some good energy by being at the heart of your outdoor garden.

There are a lot of frog statue designs to choose from, so you won’t have to worry about it being a “distraction” in your garden. From the normal-looking jumping frogs to the more creative ones like zen and coffee-drinking frogs, one can surely choose a thing or two to complete the welcoming look of their garden place.

For a more magical vibe: Place some fairy tale character statues in between your flower gardens.

If you are into the magical and colorful side of life, you might want to decorate your plain flower garden with some fairytale character statues and add some life to it. One thing you should never do in decorating your home is limit yourself to what’s “ordinary” and “in-trend.” Don’t be afraid to let out your inner child and let your garden space look like it’s straight out of a Grimm’s Fairy Tale or a Disney Story Book!

Every book lover wants to have a glimpse of one fairy tale character statue in their garden is the infamous Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Just place it in between your blooming flowers, and your garden will immediately blossom into an enchanting place of princes and princesses that will be a perfect resting space for birds, butterflies, and other garden creatures.

Have a woman with a vase statue guiding your garden’s entryway for a wholesome effect.

What’s a better way to welcome your guests than to have a loud and elegant piece of art in your entryway? The woman with a vase garden statue is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated statue ornaments that never goes out of style. 

It goes well with classical landscape designs and looks even better when placed in a modernly-designed garden. Make your guests feel like they’re being drawn into some mystical place by putting one or two of these beauties where people can immediately see them.

One thing that’s also good about placing a statue ornament in your entryway because it will not take up unnecessary space inside your garden. It will serve more of a dual purpose: to attract people upon seeing the garden and maximize the area with other lovely ornaments.

One exterior location in your house that you can always frequent for a calm escape or just to integrate yourself with the outside environment is your home’s garden. Whichever your reason for coming, you will undoubtedly want it to be a wholesome moment in such an ideal location.