Who Would Win The War Between Star Wars And Marvel?

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Both Star Wars and Marvel have established universes and are known for their extremely fascinating storylines, amazing movies, and top-notch actors. The two franchises have entertained people for decades, and both have pretty solid and dedicated fan bases willing to defend them with their maximum power. Star Wars and Marvel are usually pitted against each other when people are debating over which is better–just like now, we are going to look into the details of both cinematic universes to figure out who would win in an ultimate battle. 

There are articles on a variety of websites as well that give definite details when comparing the two. This proves that both have significant and more comprehensive differences and similarities. Both Star Wars and Marvel have incredible advantages that they can use to outpower and defeat each other. 

Star Wars might have immensely powerful Jedis, but Marvel has Infinity Stones. Really, both universes have their own strong forces and weapons. Without further ado, here is a closer look at the strengths of each side to determine which would have the upper hand in a war.

Formidable Characters

The most famous branch of MCU, the Avengers, has multiple indomitable heroes and villains. Thanos, the loathsome yet utterly powerful villain, and Thor, the menacingly strong hero, are some of Marvel’s trump cards because of their incredible power. 

Moreover, the Infinity Stones, which control essential aspects of existence, are undoubtedly capable of wreaking havoc when used to fight against opponents. 

Of course, the Star Wars universe does not pale in comparison. SW arguably has the deadliest magical beings created. The Jedi and Sith are indescribably powerful with their unlimited abilities. These characters can easily pull ships out of orbit or obliterate an entire planet if they want to. In addition to that, a great fraction, if not all, of Force users are skilled lightsaber duelists.

Other-worldly Quirks

Star Wars is home to known best battle strategists like General Dodanna and Grand Admiral Thrawn, to name a few. Further, SW has several stellar field leaders like Han Solo, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. If these characters join forces together to fight, they will absolutely come up with intricate plans, techniques, and tactics to outsmart and eventually defeat the opponent. 

However, Marvel has Herculean characters that can play with death and evade it time and time again. Marvel’s god-like, immortal, and invincible characters like Loki, Thor, Hela, Odin, and the Black Order are annoyingly excellent at staying alive, even if the forces are overwhelmingly strong. 

Technological Warfare

Iron man and Black Panther are undeniably famous Marvel characters known not only for their combat skills but also for their badass, high-quality, and futuristic technologies. 

The advanced technological warfare they have can give them a tremendous advantage when fighting against SW characters. On the other hand, Star Wars possesses the most destructive energy source–Kyber. This efficient and powerful energy powers the lightsabers and the Death Star, but it can definitely power much more than that.

Army and Back-ups

Star Wars The Empire has an overly massive army:

  • 25,000-star destroyers
  • Two space stations
  • A dozen Star Dreadnoughts
  • An uncountable number of fighters and soldiers at their disposal

Marvel can match that with a lineup of the Chitauri, Kree, Outriders, and Wakandan Tribes, among others, which possess incredibly powerful armories and skills to help them be stronger. 

No one could ever determine which of the two famous franchises will win in a grand battle unless they make a movie out of it. The details mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. What about you? Who do you think would win between Marvel and Star Wars?