Why Edge Glued Panel Is Popular in Furniture Manufacturing

A modern active person, ready for constant changes and moving, and heavy furniture are incompatible. Previously, furniture was a symbol of solidity and sustainability. Today, elegant and aesthetically attractive furniture made of glued board will emphasize the lightness and mobility of its owner, flexibility, and delicate taste.

What Makes Glued Panel Furniture Cherished

  • The outer layer of the board has an ideal wood texture. After varnishing it, furniture delights the eyes of anyone who loves natural, sustainable materials.
  • The peculiarity of the production of glued boards suggests such an arrangement of the components that the board is not afraid of getting wet or drying out. The furniture will not be deformed by accidental exposure to moisture or direct sunlight.
  • High fire safety properties protect furniture from accidental ignition. Only prolonged exposure to fire on the material can lead to ignition.
  • Glued board production technology protects wood from fungi, bugs, and mold. These uninvited guests will not appear on the furniture even after many years of its operation.

Where to Find the Best Quality Glued Panel?

If you want to order furniture made of certified European quality material, contact the best manufacturer of wood products, RezultHouse Whatever dimensions and thickness of the board you need for your unique project, all your wishes will be taken into account. In addition to the production of furniture, premium quality glued boards from

RezultHouse can be used for a wide variety of purposes:

  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Production of stairs and window sills
  • Doors and the most diverse decor

Filling your home with light and elegant glued board furniture, you add breath, environmental friendliness, and aesthetics to it. Such furniture will never be a load. It will leave enough space for everyone and, therefore, will become a reliable companion in your joint journey to a wonderful future.