You Need To Know Before Starting Meal Prepping

Before start meal prepping

meal prepping

Try Out meal prepping at least 2 Weeks Before

Well, it is not a compulsion, but I think it would be good to think of meal prepping for at least two weeks. We know that first week could be time taking and busy because you need to purchase those foods that you rarely used in grocery. In fact, on this list, you might have to buy those things which you don’t like to eat. However, if you stick to that, it will be easy for you to prepare for 2nd week. You can drop the idea of your hated food and you don’t have to waste time cooking them unnecessarily. Preparing a list of foods according to your preferences will definitely help you organize meal prepping. You can organize your list by foods starting with E or by order of how heavy the meal would be.

Prep day is tedious, but as time goes, it would be easy

It was an exciting day for me when I started to know about the guidelines and grocery list to know how to prep. The whole day of meal prep was busy, hard, lot of work, that get nervousness, but when I started the mal plan, it saves my time. I admit that the shopping of grocery and prepping will take some time, but when you are going in a flow, it will be easy for you as the week passes.

Reusing the ingredient is a good idea

I have a misconception that meal-prepping eating is the same day task, but as I came to know that, it is not true. You can change the ingredient of the prepped meal so that it becomes interesting. You can take the examples of roasted vegetables are used in many feed from mini eggcups to fried rice, it gives you the feeling that you are easting different every time.

Consider prepping a soup by reusing ingredients

Meal prepping is a great way to save time and money. But, if you want to be successful at meal prepping you need to know the basics before starting. It can be rich and hearty, or light and refreshing. But no one wants to eat soup that has the consistency of water! Here are some ways on how to make soup thicker:
1) Add cornstarch slurry- Mix together 1/4 cup of cold water with 2 tablespoons of corn starch until it forms into a paste. Stir this mixture into your soup pot while it is simmering over medium heat for about 4 minutes, stirring often so the sauce doesn’t boil over.
2) Reduce stock- Bring the liquid in your pot down by boiling it on high heat for 5 minutes (or until thickened).
3) Use cream or heavy cream, etc.

Keep your prepping meal in a tightly sealed container

Keep tightly container - before start meal prepping


When your prepped meal is in a tight container, you will not have the fear that your lunch tips out in the bag. Prepping food in excessive amount is a pathetic idea because they can be nasty in taste when you are going to eat them. You need to use the container and keep it safe until unless you are not using it.

Using Greek Yogurt will add elegance in your prepping meal

Yogurt - before start meal prepping


Well, you need to know that Greek yogurt is an excellent option for topping in a different meal. The event Tzatziki sauce is made up of Greek yogurt, so you can try the yogurt in your prepping meal topping so that you can enjoy the meal with more taste adds to it.

Buying Grocery store rotisserie chicken can be good for meal prepping

It was amazing to know that buying cheap grocery store rotisserie chicken in every weekend is the excellent idea, because it is not only yummy, tasty and healthy, but it also saves your time in meal prepping. Generally, people buy chicken breast and cook every night, but it gives them time to make the protein ingredient or next day startup.

Monitoring food expenditure will help you control our food habit

I need to confess one thing that before this prepping meal plan, I like to eat excessively. But if genuinely implement this plan, every person can save a lot of money which they are spending unnecessarily. This is a great way to control the expenses and eat healthy and good food.

Just think about the moment in which you are prepping meal

Though we know that it needs a lot of preparation to prepare a meal prepping, but the best thing about it is that it is unexpected that what you will get to eat in next time. There were some sometimes when I didn’t know what should I use in the next 2-3 hours during meal prep.

Don’t forget about the meal you have prepped

It sounds stupid. If you find that the meal you prepped, have overlooked by you and It will be wasted Well you should keep reminders, notes or even alarm, so that you will not forget your prepped meal, after all, it is your time consuming and hard efforts.

Meal prepping is a Durable Choice

Needless to say, planning for the meal is time taking, but at the end of the day, you are going to hours to do this thing for you. It is a great investment for your health. It will take you only a few hours at the weekend, might be Saturday or Sunday, it will be worth it for you overall.